38~ I Return...Sorta

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I wanted to run to her and wrap my arms around her, hold her tight and tell her everything's fine. It broke me to see her like this. Broken, fragile, weak. And it gurt even more to know that I was the one who caused this. Her speech made me want to cry. If ghosts could cry, I would've been in tears.

I didn't want Annabeth to be like this. I didn't want my mom, dad or Paul crying either.

She was staring at where I was standing as she spoke. But she couldn't see me there. She was wauting for a miracle I couldn't give her.

The judges on allowed me ten minutes here. After that, I had to go back so that they could chose my fate. I deserved the fields of punishment for leaving Annabeth like this.

After the speech, she broke down crying and ran into the woods.

Nico turned around in his seat and gasped. I realised then that he could see me so I smiled at him before walking away in the dirrction Annabeth ran in.


I found her sobbing under a tree in the forbidden forest.

I sat down next to her and tried to put my arm around her but it simply dissolved when it touched her. Getting used to being a ghost was hard to say the least.

"Annabeth..." I whispered, bringing my reformed hand back to my lap.

I knew she couldn't hear me but she looked up like she did. After seeing no one there, she picked a random stone from the ground and turned it around her fingers. It was a smooth, circular stone. She unconsiously turned it around in her fingers three times. She turned towards me and gasped as she stumbled back in shock.

"Percy?" She asked.

"You can see me?" I asked her confused.

She smiled. "That's the first thing you'd say..."

"You can hear me too?" I asked, still not grasping at what was happening.

She tried to hug me but her hands went straight through me.

"Percy..." She whispered.

"Shhh...Don't cry." I reached out and brushed my fingers against her cheek but as soon as they touched her skin, they dissolved.

"Percy...Don't leave. Please."

"I won't. I'll always be in your heart." I whispered. "I didn't get to say what I wanted to say most when I died. I love you, Annabeth. Is it too late to knock on your door?"

"I love you too, seaweed brain." She said, smiling.  "I love you."

I felt myself slip away. My ten minutes was up.

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