25 || Lennon

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Rowan was due over at my house any moment

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Rowan was due over at my house any moment. He was supposed to help me babysit Dakota while we worked on some homework together. Mom and Dad were out for the night, going into the city for their anniversary. I hoped Raven would behave, last time Rowan was over she was a little overwhelming.

I heard tires crunch on the gravel outside in the driveway and I walked over to the door to peek out and see if it was Rowan. When I saw his jeep sitting in the drive my heart flustered. He's here.

I opened the door just as he was walking up the porch steps. "Hi." I said with a smile on my face. For the first time in a long time the smile felt real not forced or faked.

"Hey." He said handing me my bag I left in his car Friday night.

"Thanks." I said taking my bag from him. "Come in." I moved out of the doorway to let him in.

He took off his jacket and backpack sitting them on the floor next to the couch. I shut the front door and locked it out of habit.

"I'm going to go check on Dakota." I said thinking it would be a good thing to do before we got deep into our homework.

Rowan nodded his head, "I'll just go ahead and get things ready."

I handed him my bag telling him he could go ahead and get my math book out of my bag while I went upstairs.

Dakota was sound asleep. I didn't have to worry about him for the rest of the night unless he decided to wake up for a diaper change. Soon he'll be on the verge of potty training and wouldn't need diapers but pull ups. He was looking more and more like my father instead of my mother.

I decided to do a quick check on Raven to make sure she wasn't doing something that would get her in trouble. She was still grounded and it was my job to notify my parents if anything superstitious happens in her room.

Making sure Raven couldn't see me I looked inside her room. This was becoming a reoccurring thing with us fighting so much. We avoided each other as much as humanly possible with living in the same house.

Raven was passed out asleep on her bed with a magazine lying beside her on the bed. I walked closer to the bed and saw the magazine was opened to a page with supermodels. Looking closer at the magazine I noticed things were circled and words were written beside some of the models. I picked up the magazine careful not to wake her. I read some of the words written.

She circled one of the models waists and wrote next to it how she wished she had that skinny of a waist. Another model she circled the models legs and wrote how she wished she was that tall. Every model had a part on them that was circled with an explanation as to why she circled it. I flipped through the rest of the pages and found each page had been marked up with her notes.

I flipped it back to the page she left it on and sat it back on the mattress beside her. I didn't want her to know that I had invaded her privacy. I felt sick. Like I had seen something that I wasn't suppose to see.

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