2 || Rowan

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"Rowan!" My Mom pounded on my door, making me groan in annoyance

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"Rowan!" My Mom pounded on my door, making me groan in annoyance. "Rowan, I'm leaving in about five minutes to take your brother to school before I go to work. I want to see you up before I go." I rolled over and pulled my pillow over my head, trying to block out the noise. It didn't work. "Rowan, I hope you're up!" She pounded again.

"Okay, I'm up! I'm up..." I muttered but stayed in bed. My bedroom door flung open to reveal my mother, looking very annoyed.

"I don't know what up means to you, but to me it means you out of bed." She wasn't going to give up. I groaned and threw the covers off, feeling cold instantly. I forced myself out of bed and looked at my mother, inquisitively.

"Better?" I asked and she put a smile on her face.

"Better." She nodded. "Have a good day at school sweetheart." She planted a big kiss on my cheek and ruffled my already messy hair.

"Mom..." I groaned. "I'm seventeen."

"Yes you are, but you're still my little boy. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm going to be home late tonight. There's a lasagna you can cook for you and Lachlan. I have a date." She flaunted.

"Really?" I asked, slightly surprised. I couldn't remember the last date my Mom went on, hell, I wasn't sure she had been on a date since my father.

"Don't look so surprised. Your mother still has it." She danced, trying to act cool but accomplished just the opposite as she attempted to twerk. I was just glad we were in the privacy of our own home so no one had to see but me.

"Ew, Mom!" Lachlan complained about Mom's vulgar dancing from the hallway, covering his eyes. I just laughed.

"If you're uncomfortable then we need to do this more often." She pointed out.

"Mom we need to go, I don't want to be late." He tugged on her sleeve.

"Okay." She said to Lachlan and then turned back to me. "Bye honey." I gave a wave and shut my door behind her.

I wanted nothing more to crawl back into dress but school was mandatory to my mother. At least a high school education was important to her, to have a future. If I didn't go to school, she'd probably kick me out of the house and the street life wasn't for me. So I got dressed, not really caring what I put on and ran down the stairs.

My stomach growled and I microwaved a chicken leg, left over from last nights supper. I ate it down to the bone and checked the time. I still had ten minutes, but I couldn't think of anything to do with those ten minutes so I grabbed my car keys and locked the front door behind me.

My old, light blue, jeep was sitting in the driveway. The car was my baby, I wasn't great with girls but I had my car. At least that was what my friend Wesley told me, then again he always had a girlfriend.

I turned the key and heard an awful sound as I tried to start it. I winced and turned it again, hoping for a different outcome.

"Come on, come on." I muttered, trying to will it to start. Just my luck, it wouldn't start. "Shit." I pounded on the steering wheel, turning it one last time but the sound only got worse. "Fuck." I hit the dash, hoping it would miraculously start, but I was shit out of luck. I grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and started running down the street, hoping it wasn't too late to catch the bus.

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