30 || Rowan

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The text I got from Lennon worried me

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The text I got from Lennon worried me. She told me that there was something she wanted to tell me, but she couldn't tell me what. For some reason I feared the worst. Now that I was sitting on the couch with her journal in my hands I understood. She wanted to tell me everything.

"Here, the page I marked. I'll just be outside." She told me.

I looked out the window. She was sitting on the porch, looking out at the road. I opened the journal to the last page. It was a letter, addressed to me. I took a deep breath and prepared myself. I knew how hard it must have been for her to put it down on paper, to tell me what happened.

I wanted to do right by her.

Dear Rowan,

I know this may seem a bit odd, me writing to you in this journal, but this is the only way I can think of to tell you my story. The story of how I was raped. I hope you won't think of me any differently than you do now. I know that I said over and over that I wouldn't tell you exactly what happened but I know how smart you are and that you'll figure it out yourself in time. In the end I guess I trust you enough with this. I know that you won't tell anyone and I hope to god you won't attack Bradley again, he still scares me and I'd rather him ignore me completely.

Anyway here's how it all began.

I used to hang out with Eloise and Shae. They wanted to go to a party and I wasn't against it, I thought I'd be fun. Plus I heard a rumor that a guy on the football team liked me. It was stupid, but I went. As soon as we got there Eloise and Shae disappeared. I lost track of them. There was so many people. One of them handed me a drink, I wish I could remember who. It was your typical rum, coke and roofie.

I remember Bradley asked me if I needed a drive home, because I looked drunk. Everything was fuzzy and I couldn't feel my body so I said yes, better safe than sorry. I thought he was just being nice but I was naive. The last thing I remember is getting into his car and asking him where we were going.

Then I woke up in the park. I was so confused, I didn't know how I got there. There was a huge gap of my memory missing. I didn't feel the pain until I got up and I realized I wasn't wearing any underwear. My whole body ached, especially my heart. He took a piece of me. I didn't know what to do, maybe I was in shock, I'm not sure but I just walked home. I didn't even think of going to the police because I could hardly wrap my mind around what happened and who was going to believe me when I wasn't sure myself.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long for me to tell you, but I want to thank you for giving me the courage to put this down in ink. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you.

Love Lennon

I tasted something salty and realized I was crying. He drugged her and raped her. I wiped my face. I had no words. I just wished I had been there. I wished I could have stopped it from happening. I wished she would stop thinking that it was her fault because it was anything but.

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