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Playing The Surfer by Murffiee
Playing The Surferby Murffiee
"Does this feel real enough?" He grabbed my face delicately in his hands, the rain runs down our foreheads to where our lips meet, each of us tasting the cold...
Impact Zone (JJ Outerbanks) by samwulfgang
Impact Zone (JJ Outerbanks)by samwulfgang
Outerbanks AU in which a treasure hunt never happened but Big John remains lost at sea. Kodi Johnson, a wannabe pro-surfer from Australia, moves to the Outerbanks with...
Chasing waves  by haveabitoffun
Chasing waves by haveabitoffun
Lottie a sweet innocent eighteen year old, has the world at her feet, has everything she ever wanted right in front of her until a accident changes her life and turns it...
Surfing Days by summer_surfs
Surfing Daysby summer_surfs
Summer Danvers is a typical fifteen-year-old girl who loves to surf. Raymond Elliot, a boy that's known Summer since they were little, shares her love of surfing. He is...
Above the waves by ellemoira
Above the wavesby Reychelle Moira
(completed) "And I will call upon Your Name and keep my eyes above the waves..." Savannah's physical conditions limit her from doing what she used to love. She...
Stairways | A Surviving Summer FanFiction by Rosewood_Jamiefan143
Stairways | A Surviving Summer Phoebe
In the Shorehaven community, you're Y/n, Marlon's sister. You notice how subdued Ari has been recently and try to cheer him up, as well as trying to earn your place on t...
✔️My Rockstar |Luke Patterson| by __sunsetcurve__
✔️My Rockstar |Luke Patterson|by 🤍
When the band, sunset curve, is about to make their big dream come true, three of the four members, Luke, Alex, and Reggie, tragically pass away from eating some bad hot...
Chris and Scarlett's daughter  by itssmfknme
Chris and Scarlett's daughter by wandaandnatasha
After one drunken night, everything changes Chris and Scarlett's life. #4 - lovable 02-26-22 #1 - funtime 02-26-22 #4 - surf 02-26-22 #3 - motherdaughter 02-26-22
There's A Reason - A Larry Stylinson Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
There's A Reason - A Larry Kaitlyn James
Harry Styles has the perfect life. He's a part of international superstar band One Direction, and he has four amazing best friends: Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis T...
soul surfer (My version) by streetracer227
soul surfer (My version)by Galadrial Dixon
This is like the actual soul surfer but this time there is another girl named Niccasa Aka Nick who is Noahs girlfriend but also instead of just Bethany getting her arm b...
Garden | j. green by humansunflower
Garden | j. greenby killa ky
in which it was first all a bet or in which she learns vulnerability
Not Another Summer Love Story by autheras
Not Another Summer Love Storyby Ann Valett
Valerie O'Conner has a pretty good idea of how her summer will go, and it revolves around three very simple activities: sunbathing, working at the local ice-cream parlou...
- surfing feelings ⛅️  | ari gibson by -ILOVEKAI
- surfing feelings ⛅️ | ari gibsonby evs
in shorehaven, your eyes are on ari gibson. it's been a year since you've seen him and lost feelings start to surface. but a new girl summer torres seems to be possibly...
Dating the soccer star by vchristie5
Dating the soccer starby vchristie5
Taylor is one of the many fans of the US Women's National Team. Her all time favourite player and who she has a little big crush on... Kelley O'Hara. One walk on the bea...
Loving *Outer banks imagines* by BrooksJ99
Loving *Outer banks imagines*by Jesse Brooks
(requests Open) This book is a outer banks imagines book. I could not decide who to write about so I just made this! The people in this book are...... John B JJ Pope Raf...
That's the way I loved you ~Jeremiah Fisher~ by annabelliajay
That's the way I loved you Annabellia
Sophie summers has been going to cousins beach since she was a baby, it's always been fun and special but this summer was different this is the summer she turned pretty ...
summer songs || jj maybank [2] by eastsiderxoxo
summer songs || jj maybank [2]by C :)
"he reminds me of a summer song" They say communication is crucial in any relationship and no one understood each other better than them. outer banks jj mayban...
Missing You by Hockey9876
Missing Youby Hockey9876
JJ and Kie are about to celebrate their 8th anniversary when JJ decides to take off without saying goodbye. Kie doesn't know how she will ever get over him. Will he ever...
Murfey's Law by BecJohnson
Murfey's Lawby Bec
When Lori James' father writes to her for the first time in years her life is literally turned upside down. Inheriting a rundown general store 17,000 kilometres away in...
Surviving The Tide With Shay by Renee_j_77
Surviving The Tide With Shayby
The sequel to Surviving The Summer With Shay!!!I recommend reading the first book so it makes more sense before you read this book...