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Young Justice Fanfiction: Part of a Team by Lachiquis1195
Young Justice Fanfiction: Part of...by Lachiquis1195
Alejandra was abandoned when she was a baby. She was sent to an orphanage. As she grew, she began to get these strange abilities. Alejandra after a time of struggles, is...
  • mgann
  • kid
  • dickgrayson
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Throne of Atlantis// Aquaman by Geekasauruz
Throne of Atlantis// Aquamanby Geekator
"The war is coming to the surface whether you like it or not. You are not going to win this."
  • throneofatlantis
  • fantasy
  • atlantis
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Revealing Lennon ✔ by tifftheawesome
Revealing Lennon ✔by Tiffany
{A Wattpad Featured Story} Highest Rank // #22 in Teen Fiction Lennon Reese has always been quiet but after being sexually assaulted she has shut herself off from the w...
  • speakout
  • bullying
  • rapeculture
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Future Whitelighter ━━━ Meet My Ocs by cfhclliwell
Future Whitelighter ━━━ Meet My Ocsby 𝘢𝘭𝘺 !
❛ Still Charmed And Kicking ❜ ( MEET MY OCS ; OC BOOK )
  • meetmyocs
  • avengers
  • charmed
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Arshi SS :- Dil De Diya Hai. { Given You My Heart} by ShaniceKazmi
Arshi SS :- Dil De Diya Hai. { Giv...by Shani
CHANGED TO FANFICTION Ranks. #105 IN SHORT STORY (1/6/2017) #210 IN SHORT STORY (29/5/17) #688 IN SHORT STORY (12/5/17) #75...
  • khushi
  • love
  • pregnancy
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Invincible // Superman by Geekasauruz
Invincible // Supermanby Geekator
"You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the...
  • manofsteel
  • thejusticeleague
  • romance
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The Rules of Survival (Mercer #1) by The_Starzee
The Rules of Survival (Mercer #1)by Starzee
Kalen Mercer's Rules of Survival Rule #1: Don't get caught. Rule #2: Always get even. Rule #3: Trust Nobody. Survival isn't just a word to Ioney Mercer; it's a way of...
  • humor
  • suspense
  • chicago
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A Choice with no Regrets (Levi x Reader) by gorgeous_levi
A Choice with no Regrets (Levi x R...by Jhasmine
(Y/n) is a warrior. A warrior who considered the Underground City as her real home. A warrior who is as cold as ice, and as hard-headed as a rock. A warrior who doesn't...
  • leviackerman
  • romance
  • drama
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The Probabilities of Maybe by wheadee
The Probabilities of Maybeby W H I T N E Y
Unlike most of his peers, starting his senior year of high school is dreadful for seventeen-year-old Nico Brown. It's only been a few short months since the tragic unsol...
  • hip-hop
  • guidance
  • sadness
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Young Justice Texts and Memes by ItsYaBoiArchiee
Young Justice Texts and Memesby Camerooon
Cartoon Network basically sucks for killing off the only Teenage Superhero Team that I liked besides Teen Titans (And not the new Teen Titans Go crap... I don't swing th...
  • memes
  • aqualad
  • missmartian
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Joker's Ghost by lillilycutie
Joker's Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton/Phantom never thought being a kid could be so hard. You get to sleep, play, get barely any homework from school. All good things right? Wrong. After fightin...
  • age
  • alfred
  • joker
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Birds of a Feather - Young Justice by charlielovesyoulots
Birds of a Feather - Young Justiceby Charlie Rose
Highest ranking - #1 in action #1 in Dick Grayson #1 in young justice #1 in birds (I know I laughed too) Charlotte Wayne was pronounced dead three years ago and the...
  • teen
  • dick-grayson
  • youngjustice
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Nightwing X Reader: My Hero by zombielover8469
Nightwing X Reader: My Heroby zombielover8469
(Y/n) (L/n) is a typical high school girl of Gotham, New York. And by typical meaning that (Y/n) does indeed have a crush of the sidekick hero of Gotham, Nightwing. Dick...
  • justice
  • dc
  • xreader
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JUSTICE | Jungkook [Sporadic Updates] by guccifantaesy
JUSTICE | Jungkook [Sporadic Updat...by 🌸👑
Lee Jiyeon is a young lawyer who believes that victims deserve justice. Two years ago she was battling her first case for a teenage girl who was raped by a man (in his l...
  • lawyer
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • fanfiction
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Red Ribbons (Forgotten Series #1) by AMLKoski
Red Ribbons (Forgotten Series #1)by Anna Koski
EDITED VERSION ~~~~~~~ Book One of the Forgotten Series. ~~~~~ An Omega must do as an Omega is told. The lesson had been burned into her brain since she was ten years...
  • red
  • romance
  • omega
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I'm Fine By Myself|| Damian Wayne by Skybolina
I'm Fine By Myself|| Damian Wayneby Skye
As Damian becomes increasingly reckless during his and his father's nightly crusades, Bruce begins to worry for his son's welfare - especially since Damian doesn't have...
  • love
  • grayson
  • action
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Dove in the Darkness  by Brooklyn_Writes
Dove in the Darkness by Brooklyn_Writes
"Hazel." "What?" "My name." I swallowed hesitantly, afraid to shatter the silence between us anymore than I already had, "It's Hazel...
  • love
  • damianwayne
  • villain
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The Final circus trick by Erin144000
The Final circus trickby Erin
After 4 years stuck being deathstrokes apprentice Renegade finally decides enough is enough and runs away. But what happens when a certain bat finds him? What happens wh...
  • young
  • robin
  • justice
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Superhero Texts Wattys 2017 by tristenbruns
Superhero Texts Wattys 2017by tristenbruns
Superhero Texts Do not own All credits go to texts from superheroes.com I work on this a lot Complete Entering in the wattys vote for me!!
  • wattys2017
  • humor
  • superheroes
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Sticking Together by EllitePizza
Sticking Togetherby EllitePizza
Robin and the team were on another mission and it went a bit wild, and the team has to call for backup. When Robin calls in the closest ones but the team has almost no i...
  • red
  • robin
  • young
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