Epilogue Part 2 || Lennon

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I had so much fun learning to surf with Rowan

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I had so much fun learning to surf with Rowan. I felt like he was sharing a part of his world with me. For years he was always trying to get me to learn, but I always was to scared. Something yesterday made me feel like I needed to do it, get my feet wet and live a little. It was actually fun getting in on the action instead of just sitting on the beach watching Rowan do what he does best. Surfing was his way of coping just like mine was writing. We both did something we loved in order to survive.

It wasn't until a year or two ago that Rowan opened up and told me that the reason why he started surfing was because of the enormous grief he felt after his father's death. Believe it or not, Rowan at first, was terrified of the water. I couldn't believe it when I watched him in the water. He looked at home. He started getting better with each lesson both emotionally and skillfully. Rowan was born to surf.

It was in the afternoon and we were expecting company. Rowan and I's small apartment wasn't big enough for company but Raven and Lachlan were dying to see us while we were still on spring break and weren't drowning ourselves in our studies.

Rowan was studying to be a lawyer. After the trial with Bradley, Rowan discovered his calling. He wanted to help people and be able to have the power to get people like Bradley locked up. He still had a couple more years before he was ready to be in the court on his own but in the fall he was going to be working on getting an internship with a firm that specialized in sexual assault cases.

I was over the moon when he told me what his major was going to be and I knew that he would do whatever he could to help others like he helped me. Without him and his mother, Jenny, I'm not for sure if I would had ever been able to come out about my experience and go to the police. Without Rowan I probably would still be in that town too scared to leave terrified every day by Bradley's face or I would be dead. It was a scary thought, how far down the dark path I was to suicide. It made me realize what I wanted to do with rest of my life.

While Rowan was doing law, I was studying to be a psychiatrist that specialized in rape and sexual assault vivariums. I thought, who else better to help those boys and girls than someone who had already been through it. I could tell them my story and how I got a happy ending. Hopefully with my studies I could give them to tools to survive and make their lives theirs again.

I knew with my psychiatrist that they helped me manage a lot of the side effects and mental abuse I was doing to myself thanks to Bradley.

"Lennon you dressed yet?" Rowan yelled through the bathroom door. His voice yanked me out of my thoughts and threw me right into reality. I had no clue how long I had been standing there in the bathroom just thinking about life.

I gripped the counter top and looked into the mirror. My eyes were still puffy from the crying session I had in the shower and my brown hair was slowly starting to dry. I made the jump from being a blonde to a brunette after Rowan and I moved in together.

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