27 || Lennon

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The halls were abnormally crowded

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The halls were abnormally crowded. I had to slither my way through groups of people talking in the middle of the hall as I walked to my locker. I just wanted to put my books away and go to lunch. I was starving. I didn't have enough time to eat breakfast this morning because Rowan never showed up to pick me up for school. My Dad had to take me at the last minute.

I pulled out my phone and checked the time. Lunch was just starting for my class period. I needed to hurry if I wanted to make it there and be done before Bradley joined his group of friends. I had it all timed out. Most people who didn't know me would think that it was borderline stalking but I needed to avoid him at any and all costs.

The walk to cafeteria was worse than the walk to my locker. I got stuck behind a group of girls gossiping about something, just like everyone else was. Maybe there was a big party that got busted over the weekend? I would have to ask Rowan if I saw him. I hadn't seen him all day. Maybe he didn't come to school, maybe he was sick.

After I grabbed my lunch I sat down at my usual table alone. I loved this table because I had full view of the cafeteria and my back was to the wall. No one could sneak up behind me while I was eating.

Bradley walked into the cafeteria and my heart stopped. I grabbed my phone to check the time and my hopes of enjoying my meal crashed to the floor. Thanks to those girls in the hall I was late. I looked at Bradley, I bet he knew what the buzz was about. His face was bruised and his nose looked like it was broken. I quickly looked away.

I felt a smile come across my face. Good, that monster deserved so much more. I wished I could have done it myself but I'm too weak. Too scared of him.

Rowan walked into the cafeteria from the south doors and made his way over to where I was sitting. "Hey." He said, sitting down across from me. When he sat down I almost threw up. I noticed the bruise on his forehead he tried to hide it by turning away from me but I caught it just as he sat down. His knuckles were bruised and cut open slightly. My heart raced as my mind made the connection between Rowans knuckles and Bradley's face. I bit my lip from the anger fuming inside of me. Bradley. He was the one who fought Bradley.

"I'm sorry I didn't come pick you up I'm grounded at the moment and mom took my keys to the jeep. Sorry I should have called you." Rowan said.

"What did you get grounded for?" I asked curious to see if he would tell me the truth.

He looked down and pushed his hands underneath the table. "Me and Lachlan got into a fight."

I would have believed that if Bradley's face didn't look like it was beaten in with a sledgehammer. "Rowan you promised me that you wouldn't do anything stupid." I sighed. I regretted ever telling him now. I should have kept my mouth shut when he asked me.

"Lennon I promise it wasn't my intention to start anything with him or fight him. He started it. He was just there at the Surf and something he said... I just couldn't stand what he said. I couldn't let him get away with it. That fucker deserved a lot more than I gave him." Rowan explained, clenching his fists. I cowered in my chair at the sight of his fists. Was he going to hit me?

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