24 || Rowan

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I was so tired of just sitting around the house

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I was so tired of just sitting around the house. I wanted to go to school, be around other people other than my brother and my mother. I wanted to get some fresh air. Finally I was cleared to go back to school and for once I was up before my alarm went off. I couldn't wait to get out of the house, the sooner the better.

I picked up my phone and texted Lennon.

Do you want a ride to school? My thumb hovered over the send button. I didn't know why I was hesitating. I shook my head and pressed send. Seconds later my phone vibrated, she replied.

You're coming today? I smiled, she was worried about me.

I typed my reply. Yeah, I'm all healed up. I added a winky face and sent it.

That's great! I'd love a ride.

I ran down the stairs, ready to eat breakfast and go pick up Lennon.

"Rowan careful." My Mom gapped at the bottom of the stairs. "Don't hurt yourself." I obeyed, I didn't want to cause her any more stress, but I had to admit she was acting a little paranoid.

"Okay..." I nodded and walked into the kitchen.

"Here is twenty dollars for lunch. I have to be at the office early today, can you drive Lachlan to school on your way?" She asked and I sighed. I couldn't say no, this was why I had a car.

"Um, yeah sure." I took the money and was engulfed in a hug.

"I love you honey." She let me go and picked up her purse. "See you later tonight." I waited until I heard the door close to text Lennon.

I have to drop Lachlan off at school on the way. Hope that's okay! I sent, huffing, thinking maybe I just ruined it, having some alone time together.

My phone buzzed and I looked down at it, half expecting her to say no, that she'd find her own way to school but she didn't. Yeah that's fine! I sighed.

"Lachlan, hurry up!" I yelled up the stairs. Lachlan stomped his way down the stairs. "Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." I ruffled his hair.

"If you weren't hurt, I'd strangle you." He muttered under his breath. I ignored it and went to get my keys from the dish by the door.

"We're picking up Lennon on the way." I told him and he just smirked.

"Of course we are." He rolled his eyes at me and walked into the kitchen. "You're too predictable. You like her."

"No I don't." I said but I got a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I was lying.

"You say that now but I can see it, brother, you're crushing on her hard." I shook at head at Lachlan. He never took me seriously.

"Can we go?" I huffed.

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