9 || Lennon

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It arrived home just in time to catch my mom on her way out to the grocery store

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It arrived home just in time to catch my mom on her way out to the grocery store. She was still dressed in her work clothes and had her hair up in a neat bun.

"Hi Mom. What are you doing?" I asked, sitting my backpack down on the floor.

"Oh Lennon, I didn't think you were going to be home tonight." Mom smiled and put on her jacket. She had bags underneath her eyes from exhaustion but she never let it show just how tired she was. I really wished she would lay off the work and let me pick up some of the slack around the house.

"What do you mean? Why wouldn't I be at home?" I was confused on what she was talking about. For the past couple of months I always was at home.

Mom sat her purse down on the couch and laughed, "Well, you have been spending so much time with that boy that I figured you would be hanging out with him again." Oh no, she was getting the wrong idea about this.

"Mom, no, it's not like that, it was a group project for school. It wasn't anything like what you're thinking." I groaned, this wasn't what I thought she would say when I talked to her. No, I figured she would be ecstatic that I was spending time with people.

"What's the boy's name? I don't think you told me on the phone." She asked.

"Rowan Taylors. We used to be best friends according to his mother." I wondered if mom knew him and his family. I only had a lot of memories of Rowan when we were kids, he was the boy that always stayed in my memories. For years I wondered what happened to him.

"Little Rowan? God, it's been years since I seen that boy." She tilted her head up and thought for a moment. "What's his mom's name? I remember that her husband passed away a little while back. I saw it in the newspaper."

Roman's father was dead? I didn't know that. The one time I went to his house I saw his mom and he talked about his little brother. He never mentioned anything about his father.

"He's not so little anymore, mom." I laughed. "I believe his mother's name was Jenny." I thought for a moment and nodded. It was definitely Jenny.

"Why don't you invite him and his family over for dinner? It would be nice to see Jenny again." She said.

Rowan at my house. Why did she think that was a good idea? Didn't she know her daughter? Raven would be all over poor Rowan and I would have to beat her off of him with a stick. I didn't have to worry about Rowan being around my sister. He wasn't like him. Although, I didn't have any proof other than the way I felt around him.

With him, there was only fear and pain. I felt like I was going to be sick. I was thrown back into that night, that memory. But with Rowan I felt happy, like I didn't need to be scared of him. Whenever I was with him I felt protected. Which in it's own way, terrified me.

"Mom I don't have his number." I told her. All I had was his email and I'm sure he wasn't the kind of person to check his emails everyday. It would be pretty bad if I messaged him and he didn't see it till a month later. Who knew if we would still be talking then. This all was probably because of the project. No one wanted a broken friend.

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