23 || Lennon

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Jenny was raped

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Jenny was raped. I couldn't believe what Rowan was saying. She seemed so normal, nothing like me. How did she cope with that? Every time I saw her she was as happy as could be. She always had smile on her face that looked to be genuine.

I thought about Rowan's offer for a couple days ago. It sounded like a good idea, talking to his mother about what I had been through, but I wasn't ready just yet to tell anyone about what happened. If I was I would have reported it a long time ago.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I could just talk to her about things that were currently bothering me. The text message was in the back of mind everyday. I knew it was from him and it was terrifying. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? Wasn't rapping me enough for him? What the hell did I ever do to him to deserve this?

"Mom I'm going to Rowan's!" I yelled, not sure where she was at the house, but if I was going to talk to Jenny, it was now or never. I grabbed my house keys in case I came home and the house was locked. I didn't want to be locked out in the middle of the night. My mind feared for the worst.

I left my house around six o'clock and arrived at Rowan's a few minutes later. I didn't see Rowan's vehicle he was supposed to have a late doctor's appointment after tutoring. After all the school he missed he was trying to catch up. That's one thing I hated about school, you miss it for a good reason and then they pile on the homework. Most of the points you couldn't make up because you were gone. Our school had a stupid policy where you could only miss eight days a semester. Once you missed more than eight you started getting zeros and you weren't allowed to make up the homework you missed. Rowan missed a lot more than eight days but his doctors argued that he shouldn't go to school just yet. Usually when you had a doctor's excuse those days you missed still counted against you. It was stupid.

I knocked on the door and waited for Jenny or Lachlan to answer the door. It had been a couple minutes and no answer. I decided to go ahead and knock again slightly harder than last time. Rowan didn't say anything about his mom going with him. I believe he said something about being happy that he could drive by himself, so his mother should be here.

Finally door opened and Jenny was standing there with a robe on and her hair up in a towel. "Don't worry Lachlan I got the door!" She yelled in a sarcastic voice and rolled her eyes.

"Hi Lennon. Rowan's not here right now, but he should be back in an hour or so if you want to wait for him." She said shifting her hands to her hips.

"Umm... actually I came to see you." This felt so awkward worse than when I first spoke to Rowan.

"Come on in." She said shuffling out of the way and shutting the front door behind me once I was inside. "What is it you came for?"

I could imagine how confused she was but I really needed to talk to someone or just be around someone that understood how I felt.

"Rowan told me that if I need to talk about stuff that I could come to you. That you went through the same thing I've been through." That came out worse than I thought it would. I mentally smacked myself. How inconsiderate could I be? I of all people should know better.

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