7 || Lennon

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Rowan walked into English and found me sitting in my usually seat

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Rowan walked into English and found me sitting in my usually seat. He was not yet in the room and I was enjoying every second of it.

"I got the letter done. I meant to send you an email last night to let you know but my mom decided it was family night again and I was forced to watch some chick flick, her choice." He apologized.

"It's fine. I'm just glad you got it done." I said.

His letter determined half of my grade. If I wanted to get any scholarships to help pay for college, to get me the hell out of this town, I'd need my grades to be shiny.

The bell rang and soon he walked past me and Rowan. Mr. Oliver immediately started talking.

"Everyone please go find you partner and sit by them if you haven't done so already. You will have a few minutes to put the finishing touches on your letters before turning them in. I hope you all took my advice and did this outside of class like I said. The reason why these letters need to be handwritten is so I can tell who did all the work."

I watched as he got up and left to find his partner. Thankfully they were far away from me. I don't think I could handle him touching me again.

That night I left Rowan's I was thinking about his hands all over me. I knew Rowans wouldn't understand nor did I want to explain. I went home and took a shower trying to scrub away his touch. The memories of the night it happen flooded my brain. His hands were imprinted on me. Scarring me forever and they couldn't be erased.

Every time I stood in the mirror I felt like I wasn't a human being, I was something he used. I was like a broken piece of glass. No one wanted something broken.

"I think we're pretty much finished, don't you?" Rowan asked.

I nodded and took out my handwritten letter. Daisy was a complicated character to try and act like, but I felt like I did her justice.

"Hand me yours and I'll turn it in for you." He offered sticking out his hand.

Handing him the envelope I quickly yanked my hand back not wanting to feel his skin across mine. He noticed my actions but didn't say anything.

He got up and walked over to Mr. Oliver's desk in the corner. He slipped the envelopes in the tray and made his way back to me.

"So since we're done with the project I was wondering if you wanted to get a bite later after school, maybe at the burger joint?" He asked.

"Um... I'm not for sure. Who's all going?" I didn't want to be anywhere near him and I knew he was friends with Rowan.

"Just me and the guys. They're bring their girlfriends, it'll be cool."

"I'm not good in big groups." It wasn't a lie nor was it the complete truth.

"Oh okay." He said looking out the window. The sun was shining and it was shaping up to be a beautiful day. "What if we go just the two of us?"

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