Training Arty

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Arty is growing so fast. I fell like that since she is growing so fast means the faster she would leave. I sighed Jane looks up at me from the position we are laying down as.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I feel as though Arty will be gone before I get to know her. She already looks eight and she's only a couple weeks old. It's tearing me up that a child I call my own will soon be old enough to leave and boys. If she finds her mate. I'm just worried." I said holding Jane tighter.

She laughs a little.

"I was thinking similar to you. I was worried that a boy will break her heart. That she'll leave when she looks old enough to pass as an adult human. But we need to support her and love her all the more." Jane said then giving me a kiss.

I smiled. "Your right. I'm going to train her in fighting. You are going to train her in style. That way when she does leave we can both say that we spent time with her doing what we love. And she can defend herself from arrogant boys trying to force themselves on her." I said.

"That sounds good." She said with a smile.

We both got up Jane went to get our breakfast and I went to wake up my princess.

I smiled as I walked in. Arty's blankets have fallen on the floor. Her body was spread out. And there was a little drool on the corner of her mouth. I walked over and kneeled.

"Honey wake up. It's time for breakfast. After breakfast I'm going to train you to be a ninja. And your momma is going to train you on how to be a beautiful young lady." I said.

Arty's eyes open. She smiles. "Okay daddy. Now let me get dressed." She said.

I smiled and walked out of the room. I walked to the dinning room and Arty joined five minutes after me. Ready for training.

After breakfast I started teaching her hand to hand combat. She was a quick learner. I didn't know how long we have been going until Jane walked in with the kings to see what were doing. Me and Arty were sparing each other. I got her to yield and I laid on the ground.

"That was fun." I said.

"Yeah it was. I was so close in making you yield." Arty said excitedly.

I laugh. "Yes you were. Now we should clean up so your mother can take you to her training." I said.

"Okay" Arty said running to her room.

Jane helped me up and gave me a kiss.

"Have Fun darling. Show her what style is. Don't take it easy on her. She is a fast learner." I said.

She smiled and kissed me again and walked out the room. Alec then challenged me to a spar. I was laughing because I keep popping everywhere getting Alec frustrated. I popped behind him and made him yield.

When Jane and Arty came back they had several bags and a very tired Arty slugging. I smiled and picked her up and She easily wrapped herself around me. I put her to bed and kissed her forehead. I left the room and went and cuddle Jane talking about what they did.

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