Im found

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So apparently I'm going to be mentored in New York. Bad place. To many memories are held here. I work at this popular and affordable restaurant. I get paid high wages and still get mentored. I learned many new techniques. My boss told me I was to cook and serve. Today was my last night. I had called and texted Charlie and Bella. They tell me what has happened there. So I was told to bring out a steak, and two hamburgers when I looked up at the table I was to serve I saw Thalia, Jason, and Nico. I cursed.
"One steak with mash potatoes and corn. Two hamburgers with French fries hold the veggies. I am Percy the honor cook of the night." I said.
They looked at me shocked.
"Percy!" They said shocked.
"Hello cousins. I can't talk I got to get back to work." I said. I walked back to the kitchens and did the same. People complimented my food and sent me a positive review on this site. When I was down I was paid my last pay check. When I exit the restaurant I was tackled in a hug. I was stiff.
"Percy how are you. What have you been doing? Where do you live?" I was asked.
"Well considering I have to look over my shoulder everywhere I go I'm fine. I cook. And I have been living with my cousin and uncle from my moms side. Now I have to go. I have work and orders to fill as a promise." I said quietly. I look around to only see my cousins I walk to the ally and they follow me. I waved and teleported to the Rez. I was tackled in a hug. I laugh.
"Okay let me up or there will be. I food or cookies." I said. That got them up quick. I started making food and cookies for everyone. They invited Charlie and they looked to be holding information.
"What are you hiding?" I asked.
"Ugh the Cullen's asked Bella for forgiveness and she accepted. She's getting married to Edward in two weeks." Jacob said backing away. I growl. My fangs elongate and my arms erupted in flames.
"What! I told them to back off because the way she hurt. She was a zombie. It took forever to get her out of it." I growled out. Everyone backed off. I ran out side howled in anger. My nose and mouth transforming into a wolfs snout. It was black with random green pieces of fur. My face transformed back and I was in a kneeling position. I was breathing heavy. Charlie arrived and saw me like this.
"What's wrong Percy?" He asked.
"I told him to stay away from Bella. I saw how hurt she was when he broke up with her. She was a zombie. He's going to hurt her just like the last time." I said. I was in between anger and sorrow. Everyone was quiet because they knew how much it affected me.
"I know Percy. You can go over and make sure they know why they show not hurt Bella. Let's eat okay?" He told me. I nodded and went inside. I was given hugs and pats on the back. I stuffed a cookie in my mouth. They watch me eat it with out gag. I sighed and grabbed a burger. I sat down beside Charlie on the couch. He held me close and complimented me on my food. And asked when I got in.
"When did you get in I wanted to pick you up." Charlie said. Everyone looked at me.
"I got in, in the morning. I wanted to surprise you and I had a promise that I had to cook for them. So why not be here. But I was hit with the news. I have been talking to Bella. She never said anything about it. I was angry. I thought we were close. I opened up and trusted her. Usually I can't and won't tell anything. She knows why I don't like them. And knows why I don't want her with them. I helped her pick up the pieces." I said sniffling. I finished the burger.
"I'm going for a run. I need to clear my head. I'll be home late." I said running out of the house. I ran to the Cullen's. And waited.

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