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I was able to go back to work. I apologized to the regulars saying I was out protecting my cousin and was shot. They were shocked but accepted it. I have them cookies and were back to normal. The pack and the Cullen's wanted explanations. So I went to the pack first.
I was sat on the sofa and they gathered around me.
"So Percy what happened?" Sam asked.
"Bella and her friends went to Port Angeles. Her friends wanted her opinion on their dresses. While Bella wanted to go to the book store. When we were meeting up with her friends a group of drunk prat boys surrounded us. I stood in front of Bella. One pulled out a gun and I ran and disarmed the man and knocked him out. But I only noticed that I was shot when I finished the boys and my shirt was soaked in blood. I was laying on the ground while Bella was in the car freaking out. Edward called my Vampire Dr. and I was bitten once again. You see when I first met you I was half human. I was made like you to protect people from monsters. That camp was to train and protect us until we go on missions. I fought two wars and was tortured once for a year with my fiancé. I took her torture and well last month she was killed in a terrorist attack. I felt like I lost my other half. I was numb. I lost my fiancé and my mom and stepdad in the same week. I went into deep depression and I was forced to move in with my Uncle Charlie. When I was bit for the first time my ugh other half fought it off that's why I was awake and okay during the three days. Um my birth dad had the power to control water. And I was also born with that power. So that's how I killed the nomads. And when I was bit again well it replaced DNA and created the ones I missed. And so I was told be my father that I'll be a little hard to kill. But that the ush I wasn't expected to live past my sixteenth birthday. Yet I survived. Ugh I have a month till my eighteenth birthday. Any questions." I asked.
They stood or sat there in shock.
"If you were half human what was the other half." I think Paul asked.
'You can tell them son.'
I heard in my head.
"God." I said.
"Your lying." A boy said spitting out some drink.
I raised my eyebrow.
"My father is the Greek god of the oceans, father of horses and storm bringer. Known as Poseidon. My uncle is Zeus and he is the Greek god of lightning, sky, thunder, law, order and justice. He is the king of gods. My other uncle is Hades he is the god of the Dead and king of the underworld. He's really cool if he's not angry." I said. They looked to not be believing. Then siting next to me is my dad and Uncles.
"Pack meet my father lord Poseidon, my uncles Lord Zeus and Lord Hades." I said introducing them.
Their mouths are opened. I bowed my head towards my family. Dad hugged me.
"The fates give you so much. You have surprise in your room. I'm proud of you. Your uncles may not say it out loud but they do." Dad said. They popped away and I was left with gapping wolves.
"And there was my explanation. Now I'm about to be interrogated my the vamp doctor that put me on drug. Got to love the doctor." I said sarcastically. They love. I wave and teleported to the Cullen's.
I explained the same thing to them except I didn't say anything about being powerful just that I'm a full vampire.  I was then forced to train. Which is usual I love training. I was fighting against Jasper. I was laughing. Jasper was getting frustrated when I dodge and threw him either into a tree or the ground. Emmett was laughing along. Jasper ran at me growling. He threw a punch. I blocked and punched back. It was soon time that I had to go home. I said goodbye.
"How can you beat Jasper he has ares." Asked Alice.
"Ares like god of war?" I asked smiling.
They nodded.
"Ares and I had a duel when I was first introduced into my world. We fought when I was twelve and won." I said.
They look at me wide eyed.
I waved and teleported back to my room.

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