Port Angeles

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Charlie asked me to go with Bella and her friends. I nodded. The girls didn't mind because I brought cookies. I held my necklace that has Annabeths engagement ring.
"Who's ring was that?" I think Jessica asked.
"My fiancé." I said quietly.
"Oh not to be nosy what happened?" She asked.
"She was killed with three others in a terrorist attack." I said.
"Oh what was her favorite color?" Jessica asked.
"Grey." I whispered.
"Um me and Percy is going to get a book. We'll meet at the restaurant." Bella said dragging me out.
"Thank you." I whispered.
She gives a nod. She leads me to the book shop and she found the book she was looking for.
She buys it and we walk out and she's leafing through it. Prat boys enclose us. I stand in front of Bella.
"Look here boys this girlie has a protector." A boy said. I smell beer on them.
"Your drunk go home." I growled out.
"He thinks he's all strong." One says. One pulls a gun. I run at him he pulls the trigger. I feel a burning sensation and Bella scream. I took the gun and punch the man in the stomach. I finished knocking three out and some run and Edward came. Bella gets in the car. I look down to see a hole and blood on my right side of my chest. Edward curses and calls Carlisle. He gets here and I'm laying on the ground my shirt soaked with blood. My chest barley moves up or down. My eyes are closed.
"Edward get her home ill get him fixed up." Carlisle yells. I heard tires screech. I feel a hand in my chest and grabs the bullet. He then bites my wrist. I feel burning. I can't open my eyes now. I look around. It was black. I then see my uncles and father.
'Percy, son I'm sorry for what your going through.'
Dad said. I nod and my uncles nod in agreement.
"So the vampire venom is overtaking your DNA. It's creating what you are missing but you will be different then the rest of the vampires. You will be more powerful..." I interrupted with a groan. They smile.
"And you will be almost impossible to kill. You have a mate out there son remember your still our son or nephew. You have loved ones out there Percy. Good luck." Dad said.
"Good luck." My uncles said.
Then my eyelids feel lighter. I open my eyes. I see white a lot of white. I can see details I could think more clearer then before. I stand up after getting things off me like a blanket and cords. I walk out of the room. I heard voices coming from a living room. I entered to see the Cullen's and Bella. They look at me. Edward stands in front of Bella.
"Really I don't think I'll hurt my own cousin. How long was I out. Poor Cora the customers are probably asking questions." I said. I look in the fridge and found fruit. I took some and bit into it. They were expecting me to spit it out.
"Um okay were you expecting me to spit it out." I ask.
They nod.
I rolled my eyes. I took the bowl and sat on the couch.
I look at them expecting an answer.
"Oh um your were in a coma for two weeks." Carlisle said.
"Oi" I said and started to speak in Greek cursing a little. They all look at me.
"Are any of those swear words young man." Esme said her hands on her hips.
"No ma'am." I said saluting her. She narrowed her eyes. Everyone is watching the interaction.
"He is so lying." Whispered Emmett.
"Then what did you say?" Esme asked.
Everyone was smirking at me.
I grab my throat.
"I need to go." I croak. I ran out the house and drank two bears, one cougar, I was about to drink from a buck when I smelled human blood. My head snapped. The Cullen's tackled me. I close my eyes and wished to be at the Cullen's. I appeared and scared Bella. I sat in the Corner hugging my knees. I head running footsteps.
"Percy you alright." Asked a cautious Bella.
I didn't answer. The family arrives and sees me in the corner.
"Bella step back a little." Carlisle asked her.
"Percy are you alright. You came close." Carlisle asked.
I didn't answer just stating in the same position. I looked up my eyes glowed. Many gasped.
"I can't hurt human. Human bad animal good." I stated. Carlisle nodded.
"Human bad animal good." He told me.

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