Bella graduation

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I am catering at Bella's graduation at the school. The school is paying me a thousand to make and serve food. I had Cora helping me serve the food. I made steak, hamburgers, cookies, pancakes, French fries the whole thing. They were aloud three people of the graduate for free but the any other add on will be five dollars.
"Attention in the back will be our catering from our new cook that brought many to the diner with his food. The graduates have three free tickets. Any extra will be five dollars paid in the front of the line. Enjoy." The principal announced. Many came to the line. I explained what's in the food. What it is. They loved it. Soon the food is almost gone. And everyone is packing up.
"If you like his food please come by the diner where he cooks. I'm sure he enjoys making you more food." Cora said. I smiled and packed up. Many came by and told me they loved the food. There was a cookie left and I grabbed it and ate it.
"Where were you taught?" A woman asked she was wearing a business suit.
"Ugh my mom taught me when she was not at work or my step dad wasn't home drunk. It was our bonding time." I said. And washed the table.
"So you didn't go to school for this? And can you explain why the cookies are blue?" She asked. I smile at her.
"No I cook based off of trial and error. I have bad Dyslexia that prevents me to read well and also bad luck with bullies. Or the fact I would get kidnapped. I just never really finished school. I love cooking and that's where I'm calm and collected at. The cookies are blue because in a way I call them the Cookie Monster cookies. In Sesame Street the Cookie Monster loves Cookie. My first step father was a abusive drunk and told me that no blue food exist because when I was a kid I loved blue. I'll have anything blue even the food. So in general my mom makes all food blue in spite of him. I just carried on her legacy." I said my eyes watered. I wipe my eyes.
"Sorry ugh she died in June in a gas pipe explosion." I said giving her a sad smile.
The woman gave me a sympathetic smile.
"Well, I'll be happy to get my top Chief to mentor you. It will only be for the summer while you cook in my restaurant with my chief." She said. I smile.
"I'll take you on that. Thank you ma'am." I said. She smiled and shook my hand. She then told me that she was going to send me a plane ticket to me. And she gave me her card. She told me that she will also call me to let me know when I start. I gave her my number and thanked her again. Charlie came up and hugged me. I stiffened then relaxed.
"What was that about?" He asked.
"She owned a restraint chain. She is letting me get mentored by her top chef for the summer. While I get mentored I also get paid for work." I said.
"That's great!" He said patting my back. I smiled and nodded. Cora got the news and was sad but I said that I'll be back to cook in her diner at the end of the summer. I will also send her cookies.
I went to the pack house and told them the news. They congratulated and was black mailed to send cookies and cook them food that I learned when I come back.
I smiled nodded and rolled my eyes. I teleported to my room thinking about what might happen. While drinking two packs of blood.

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