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I introduced Jane to Charlie with an illusion on Jane. I told him we met at the restaurant I worked at. She was visiting from Italy and we hit it off. And I was wanted to meet her parents. Charlie told me he could and was happy that I was moving on. I smiled and thanked him. We went to the wedding and the Cullen's were afraid of Jane. But James laughed and had a good time. We danced and I met Aunt Renne. 
"Renne this is your nephew and Bella's cousin from my side of the Family." Charlie said.
"Hello Renne, Percy Jackson. This is my lovely girlfriend Jane. It's nice to finally meet you." I said shaking hands.
"It's nice to meet you too. And you Jane are very beautiful. You both look so happy together." She said.
"Thank you. Enjoy the food. I heard the cook was awesome." I said. Jane slapped my shoulder.
"Ow Jane it was a moment I couldn't resist." I whined. Charlie, Rene, and Phil watched with a smile.
"You heard. Your just boosting your ego. Considering you are the cook." Jane said with a smile.
"Bu..... okay your right. I was boosting my ego. Because I can't compare to your beauty and charisma." I said.
She smiled. "Alright. I forgive you. I'm going to talk to the family of the grooms." Jane said giving a kiss on the cheek and walking to the Cullen's.
Charlie pat my back.
I look at my family from my mothers side.
They all had huge smiles.
"What?" I said with my cheesy grin. Rene gave a sigh.
"You too are beautiful together. Where did you meet. And your the cook?" She asked.
"Thank you. We met at the restaurant I was working and getting mentored at. We just hit it of. She filled my heart that was broke. In a way I did the mentorship to move on from mourning. It was a great opportunity. We are planning to go to Italy so I can meet her parents. And yes I am the cook. I feel better in a kitchen. I cook when I stress or angry. It's my safe key. Or I would've destroyed my room and maybe the house. Most of the food came from my moms recipes. She taught me when my first drunk step dad was out gambling away our money. She worked three jobs to make things meet. She would teach me how to make food so one day I can feed myself. My ugh first step dad was an abusive Drunk who gambled our money. I would get the most of it as I was always home. Because I would be expelled from schools because I was defending my self or accidents. I was on a field trip at the Saratoga battlefield. I was told to pull the string by the tour guy who said all the canons were empty and can't be fired. Well it fired and the ball hit the school bus and I was to blame." I said.
"What grade was that?" Charlie asked.
"Fifth grade. And my sixth school." I said.
"What happened before then?" Phil asked.
"Well in first grade we went to an aquarium. The tour guy to flip the lever. Me being a kid and him not telling which one did the wrong lever and my class and the tour guy went on a swim in the shark tank." I said. They gapped at me.
"Wouldn't the levers have labels?" Phil asked.
"Well yeah they did. But I was in first grade and I had really bad Dyslexia. The letters would swirl around me and gives me headaches trying to read the words. When I was passed off to the next school I would be called stupid and a trouble maker. I had Dyslexia, ADHD and I hated bullies. So when I was picked on I fought back. I lived in New York. And I was practically band from every school by freshman year. My second step dad was a high school teacher. And well by then I had been kidnapped twice. And before they died I was kidnapped and tortured for info on my non existent father that was lost at sea. And well apparently still alive from the torture session gave. My girlfriend at the time was tortured with me. I took her torture and extra for speaking out. We escaped. Two weeks later she died by terrorist and the next day my mom and stepdad was killed in a gas pipe explosion." I said. They looked shocked.
"Um I'm going to go." I said looking at my watch. "Me and Jane has a flight to Italy in an hour and a half." I said scratchy. I walk to Jane hearing what Charlie and them are talking about.
"Poor boy he's been through so much. But it seems like he's moving on." Rene said. I kiss Jane on the forehead. We congratulated the bride and groom again and we left. When we were far from view I teleported to volterea Italy. We were in a castle. I snapped my fingers and I was in:

 I snapped my fingers and I was in:

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And Jane was in:

She led me to the throne room

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She led me to the throne room. I stood in the middle and she whispered in Aros ear.
"You met your mate?" He asked her.
She pointed to me.
"Are you going to turn him?" Aro asked her looking at me.
"I am already turned. It's my gift among other things." I said. I look at them studying them. Aro gave a small nod and some guards came at me. I took off my shirt and threw it to the side. Many gasped at my scars. They came at me I blocked them and punch them in the stomach throwing them into a wall. They ran at me again looking angry. I stare at them. They stop and started screaming. A hand was put on my shoulder and saw Jane. I calmed down and release them. I hugged her. I felt one comping at us. I threw them at the wall with out looking.
I heard clapping. I got water and made a water look alike of me in ice. It bowed everywhere. Jane backed away and slapped my arm. Smiling and shaking her head.
"What I heard clapping." I whined.
"Your childish." She said.
"I'll take that as a compliment. My childhood was ruined since I was born." I said. She rolled her eyes and kissed my cheek. I looked at my ice statue. It made a motion to leave.
I laugh.
"No." I said. I snap my fingers and he disappeared.
The 'kings' were in between amusement and wonder.

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