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Charlie let me go to the house I made six dozen cookies. I packed them in a bowl and got in the car. When we made it I had my eyes covered my my hair.
I was wearing:

I followed Charlie to the fire

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I followed Charlie to the fire. Some looked at my shirt and to each other.
"Sorry we're late Billy I had just picked Percy from his counseling. He wanted to bring his famous cookies the town loves." Charlie said. Billy smiled.
"I'll take two of those." Billy said. I open the lid and he grabbed two. Soon everyone was eating cookies and whining about have just one more cookie. I had just enough for everyone to have two. I put the canister back in the car and sat down on a log. I stared at the fire and the way it moves. I could feel the hope it gives. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Jacob.
"Percy can you make us more cookies and bring them over?" He asked his friends behind him nodding fast.
"If you give me flour, eggs, milk and vanilla extract I have everything else I'll make you however much you give me. If you give me 5 pound sack of flour and two cartons of eggs and a gallon of milk I can make around twenty dozen. However I could only do it Sunday morning as I work Monday through Saturday at the diner and Sunday afternoon I have counseling." I said tapping my leg.
They nodded and wrote what I ask for down. They ran and talked to other reservation kids. Charlie watched the thing go down and is smiling. I was picked up from behind and thrown on a shoulder. We ended up on the beach and I was put down. I sat on a log and looked at the boys expectantly.
"Who are you?" The boy asked.
"Percy Jackson nephew of Charlie Swan." I said with a raised eyebrow.
"What are you?"
"Human?" I said looking at the boy confused.
"Are you a shifter?"
"What are you talking about. Are you crazy? Did you drink to much?" I asked with a concerned and confused face.
The man looks confused and angry.
"Are you apart of the supernatural?" The man growled out.
"You mean that myth stuff on tv shows? No I'm pretty sure I'm human." I said.
Man are these idiots. They pretty much gave way that they are shifters. And when I first came they looked at my shirt. They are going off assumptions because of a shirt that Nico got me.
"You guys are weird. I'm just going to go home take my medicine and try to get a wink of sleep." I said slowly turning and walking back towards the party.
I could hear them talking.
"There's something different about him. We just basically gave away what we are. Hopefully we can slip him some alcohol so he might thing he was hallucinating this." The guy said. I sat back down by Charlie.
"Charlie can I run home? I have to be at work early to start backing the cookies." I asked.
"Ugh yeah Percy be careful. There's a flashlight in the car use it." He said. I nod. I got the flash light and started running down the road. When I was about three miles out I was tackled into the woods. By this blonde haired man. With two others behind him.

I got up quickly

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I got up quickly. They begin circling me. One zoomed forward I block the attacks and punch back. The others entered. I was having trouble. I got out my sword a cut them a little and they screamed. They hissed at me. I felt week. I looked down to see I was bit.
"I hate Vampires." I said. They hissed. I clench my teeth in pain. I glared and held my hand out. They begin scratching themselves. The Cullen's came behind me.
"Percy stop." Dr. Cullen yelled.
"Your bite is weak and laughable." I said taking my shirt off. There was many intakes. The three vamps came towards me. I dodge and punch. I use their speed and force against him and tore the arm off of a male.
"Impossible your a Human." The camp said.
"Ah your wrong I'm half human." I whispered. As I tore his limbs off. The other two was taken care of by the Cullen's. I looked at the bite to see it closing.
"For Zeus sake." I said. I was struck by lightning. With me smoking I looked up to the sky.
"Thanks for the help." I grumbled. And I was hit again. I looked at the shocked Cullen's.
"You should be dead by being struck by lightning. That and your still awake and transforming." Dr. Cullen said.
"Yeah and your my vampire Dr. that put me on drugs anything else?" I asked. He opened his mouth.
"When did you know?" He asked.
"When you walked in the hospital room to check me. Then there's the quileutes who are shape shifters into wolves. I got that after the pack threw me over their shoulder and bringing me to a beach where they asked if I was human." I said with a laugh. My bones pop. I grimace.
"Well I got to go. I have work." I said. I started jogging to the house. I took a shower and got dressed. There on my bed was another package. In fact there was two. One was from Apollo and the other was from Hectate.
I sighed and opened Hectates.
Inside there was a branding Iron. I read the note.
'Percy must you always get in theses situations? Okay so the branding Iron is so you can brand yourself. When you do you are able to conceal to the humans that your still human. Even those vampires would think your human.
Love Hecate.
P.S. you owe me a favor.'
Right I knew that would happen. I took my shirt off and brand the middle of my upper back right underneath of my neck. It disappeared when I was still holding it to my neck. I felt this cooling sensation. I open the other package. It was a fridge I put it under the window. I then read the letter.
'Well little cousin it's seems you got yourself in a pickle. The fudge restocked its blood supply. Just put your hand on the side and the door will pop open. You need to drink two packs a day. Be good and good luck.
With blood Apollo.'
I rolled my eyes. 
I did as it says and drank a pouch. I threw it in the bin where it disappeared. I put on my shirt. I checked the time to see it was five thirty. I walked down stair and wrote a note saying I left early to the diner.
I jog to the diner and got started. When Cora came I had about fifty cookies made. I had made the pancake mix and cut the steak up for the omelettes. She smiled and greeted me and got to work on the busy diner.

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