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Percy's pov.
I've been in my cabin. Since I got the news. One my parents were killed in a gas pipe explosion. And two A.. a... Annabeth died out on a quest she was doing with three others from the Hermes cabin. I look down and see that I have been in this cabin without getting out for three weeks. I drank water but I haven't really able to eat since Tartarus. I hardly sleep because I will get tortured by Tartarus himself. Most gave up on me and I don't blame them. I gave up when I heard the news. A knock came from the door and it opened. Chiron trotted in. I stared at the wall.
"Percy pack your going to your uncle Charlie's house. Your going to live with him. I think your cousin is moving with him also." He said. I slowly got up and grabbed my already packed bag. I followed Chiron to the hill. Campers came to see me off and astonished at my look. My hair had gotten longer. And I wore black cloths. I have a Gaunt and zombie look.
Chiron gave me a ticket and money for the cab that's waiting. I walked to the cab and got in. The driver was Hermes. I sighed as he drove me to the airport. I give him the money and walked in. I checked in and was boarded on the plain. I sat down in my seat and buckle up.
When the plane landed safely on the ground I got off with my bag. My hair covered my eyes I looked around. I see Charlie. I walked over and stood next to him. He tried to get me to talk but I only nodded when he asked if I was Percy. Then a girl walked over with luggage and hugged Charlie for a bit and looked at me.
"Who's he?" Bella asked.
"He is Percy he's my sisters son. He is going to be living at the house. I'm his Guardian until he turns eighteen." Charlie said.
He led us to the car. I sat in the back while Bella sat in the front. I watch the green scenery fly by. When he pulls up to the house we all got out.
"Percy your room is the attic." Charlie said. I nod. I walk up the stairs to the attic to see a blue bed and dresser. I unpacked and went down stairs. I heard noise outside and followed it. A man in a wheel chair and a boy were talking to Charlie. Charlie motioned me to come over. I slowly walked over to the group.
"Percy this is Billy Black and Jacob Black. Billy and Jacob meet my nephew Percy Jackson." Charlie introduced.
I shook their hands. Billy's were callused like mine. But Jacobs was smooth as if he hardly worked with his hands.
I made a motion that I was going to walk. Charlie gave me a nod.
"Come before sundown." He told me. I just nod and started walking.
"Is he mute?" Jacob asked.
"No ugh he's still mourning. First he lost his girl friend from a terrorist attack. And the next day he lost his mom and step dad in a gas pipe explosion. He was away at camp teaching kids self defense. In a way from what I heard from my sister it was a military Greek styled camp. They teach self defense and Greek culture." Charlie replied.
"Oh." Jacob asked.
I continue walking and found my self at a diner. I walked in. A woman came towards me.
"What can I help you?" She asked.
"Do you have a job open?" I ask.
"Well we have a position for a cook open. Our last one moved to a city." She said looking at me.
"Can you cook?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am. I was taught by my mom." I said. She smiled. Okay your task is to fix me something to eat. If I like it you get the job. Are you new in town?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am. My mom and step dad passed away in a gas pipe explosion. So I moved in with my Uncle Charlie." I said.
"Chief Swan?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am." She smiled.
"Okay the kitchen is through the doors make me something delicious." The lady said. I nod.
I walked into the kitchen. I washed my hands and saw gloves. I put them on. I got out a bowl, flour, blue food coloring, milk, and eggs. I started making pancakes. I made four pancakes I stacked them nicely and put whipped cream. I put a little bit of blueberries around the pancakes. I cooked bacon and put them beside the pancakes. I grabbed the syrup and brought it out for the lady. She studies it. She adds syrup on it and starts to eat it. She hums with the first bite. She turned to me after she finished the bite.
"What are the ingredients?" She asked amazed.
"Flour, milk, eggs, and blue food coloring. My mom says if you love what you make then it should make the eaters love the food back. The blue food coloring because of my first step dad saying there was no blue food. So she made blue food. It makes the kids intrezted in their food instead of seeing regular brown pancakes." I said. The lady smiled.
"You got the job. Come at six in the morning and you can get off at seven." I'll give you Sunday off." The lady smiled.
I nod and thanked her. I walked home just as the sun was setting. I walked through the doors.
"Hi Percy how's your walk?" Charlie asked.
"I got a job at the diner." I said. He immediately looked at me.
"You have been here for what two hours and you got a job. What's your Job." He asked.
"I'm the new cook. She loved the food I fixed her. She wanted to test me to make sure I was good for her diner." I said.
He smiled.
"That's great when do you start." He asked.
"Tomorrow at six. I get off at seven. And I have Sunday off." I said.
He smiled and congratulated me. I cooked dinner.
What he had in the fridge was steak, spinach, eggs, milk, and beer. I shivered at the thought of beer. In the cabinets there was Flour, coffee, food coloring, baking soda, vinegar and steak seasoning.
So I put the steaks in the pan. I made salad dressing and stuck it in the fridge. I washed the spinach and put in a bowl. I flipped the steak and brushed barbecue that was mixed with the seasoning. I mixed the cookie dough and put it on a pan. I stuck it in the oven and set a timer on my watch that Tyson gave me. Charlie and Bella walked in smelling the air. I flipped the steaks and brushed it with barbecue. They sat down at the table. I got the dressing and mixed it with the spinach. I dished up plates I gave Charlie a beer and me and Bella waters. They took their first bite. I heard moans. I give a small sad smile. I only had salad on my plate. My watch beeped and I took the cookies out of the oven. I scrapped them off the pan I gave everyone three cookies.
"Did you fix these cookies to her?" Charlie asked shocked as he kept eating them.
"No I fixed pancakes." I said.
"You gave her pancakes to impress her. You didn't make steak or anything?" Charlie asked.
"She gave me this really look when I gave them to her. But once she ate it she loved it. I probably fix it for kids. I call them Cookie Monster breakfast. It is three to four blue pancakes, with whipped cream, syrup, and blue berries. With a side of bacon and blue eggs. She asked me why blue and I said my first step father was a drunkard who beat my mom and I. He said there was no such thing as blue food, so mom made all food blue in spite of the man. Mom didn't know he beat me. She was always at work." I said washing the dishes.
"What about the one she was married to when the accident happened?" Charlie asked with an anger tone.
I smile in memory.
"Paul was a nice man. He was a high school teacher. He never lifted a hand. From what I heard mom was expecting in four months. It was going to be a girl. I was at a Greek styled army camp. Mom loved Greek mythology so when she was told about this camp from my birth father before she was born she registered me when I was twelve. When I was participating in camp terrorist like to attack it so that our country won't have children capable of taking down their country. When I was twelve my mom and I were kidnapped by a gang that supported Rome. After we escaped and I won the gun battle I was proven innocent after the drunk of a step father went on tv sawing I kidnapped my mother and beat the crap out of him. He went missing two days later from going to a store to get beer and never returned. My mom made a statue of the man and sold it to a museum. I was kicked out of schools because I was being hunted by terrorist groups. They blown up the gym. I was put to blame and expelled. When I was fifteen I was once again kidnapped. I was hit too hard in the head and was put in a coma for eight months. When I returned mom found Paul I got a girl friend and my camp helped me save a guy that wanted to take over the world. When I was 16 my girlfriend and I was held captive underground. I was tortured to give secrets so that they can destroy my camp and take over the world. My girlfriend was too but I took her torture so she won't have to endure it. On my seventeenth birthday I escaped and fought with my camp. Then three and a half weeks ago my girl friend was killed by supporters of the group we thought we took care of. My mom and Paul were killed the next day in a supposed accident. My boss at the camp I instruct at sent me here under my cover name do they won't be able to track me down." I said putting the dishes away. I looked over to see the both of them shock, pale and a little bit of tears.
"Yes I had a hard life. I have two months till my birthday. I'm the instructor for fighting and what to do when held captive as I had lots of experience. My girlfriend was a strategy and plan instructor. She teaches the Greek language and situations. I have ADHD, Dyslexia, PTSD, insomnia, and anorexic because I majorly kept in mind that I need to stay fit and thin so I can escape captivity and survive in general. I will probably get in trouble for telling what happened inside of the camp can you promise not to tell." I ask.
"Do you have medicine for any of these or are they self diagnosed?" Charlie asked.
"They were diagnosed by the camp infirmary. Except the ADHD and the Dyslexia I got that when I was little. But you can get them diagnosed by a doctor." I said.
"I'll schedule an appointment. That way you can ask for the day off." Charlie said. I nod. I went and took a shower and put on shorts and a tee shirt on. I went to my room and sat on my bed. There sat a package with a note. It was from Hectate.
This is a necklace that covers your scent. It should hold dear as I got things from Athena and your father.
Love Hectate.'
I opened the package and saw a celestial bronze chain. On it held blue and grey pearls in the middle held the engagement ring I made for Annabeth. In the middle held a diamond then next to it held grey and blue gems. On the sides it had an owl holding the trident. I sniffled. I put it on and belt it looking out the window. I checked the time to see it's five. I put on running shoes and a hoodie and went for run. I ran through town and came back to the house it was six. I took a quick shower putting jeans and tee shirt. I grabbed all the things I need and put it in my pockets. The necklace hung on my neck. I made blue pancakes and bacon that I picked up from the store. I fixed some coffee. Charlie sat down and dived into the food. He complimented me on little things. Bella came down ready for school I checked the time and Charlie quickly took me to work and also saying he scheduled me for an appointment tomorrow and ask to come in late. I got out and walked in right on the dot.
"Percy glad your here just go ahead on what you do. I'll give you what the customers want. Okay?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am. Um I'm going to be late tomorrow. Charlie want me to get a check up tomorrow." I said.
"Alright come as quick as you can." She said. I nodded. I started making pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, burritos, omelettes. At ten I heard chanting.
"Where's the cook." My boss came in the kitchen blushing.
"Ugh Percy can you show yourself. They love your food and wants to know who is making it." She said. I smiled.
"It's alright." I said.
I walked out with her to the diner. My white tee shirt covered in blue food dye, Flour, eggs, my hair also has some flour. They started clapping. I go around answering questions on how I make the food. Why pancakes were blue.
"Alright your defiantly keeping him." One said. Soon everyone agreed.

When it was nearing seven Charlie and Bella came as sat down in a booth and chair table. My boss said I could fix theirs and my dinner and I'll be done for the day. I fix Charlie steak meal. And Bella's garden burger. I fixed myself a small salad with a slider. I brought it out while sitting. They smiled at me.
"How was your first day at work?" Charlie asked me.
"I was claimed and told I may never lead Forks again." I said with a sad smile.
People from tables near us said. "You got that right." Charlie laughed. Then Wayland started telling Bella how he knew her. I went back to the house. I decided to draw until morning.

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