Come of an understanding

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I waited. They all file out and stood in a line even Bella. I cross my arms. I give her a disappointing look and shook my head.
"Edward. I'll make this clear. If you hurt her like the last time I will kill you. If you abuse her your dead. If you cheat your dead. I will know. I have many people. This is your only chance. If you mess it up that will be the end of you do I make myself clear. I watch Bella. I found her in the middle of the forest where you lead her. She was dying of hypothermia and I will pay you back for that. I was there to break the pieces. She and Charlie are my only human family. Family on my dads side fight every day to stay alive. I didn't want that for her or Charlie." I said glaring at Edward. He gulped and nodded.
"I understand. If I mess up I'm dead. Got it." He said.
"Good. Bella I'm disappointed in you." I said. She bowed her head and she knows what she did.
"I talked to you everyday. I opened up my past that hardly anyone knows because it's hard for me to trust people. You broke the trust I gave you when I ask you to stay a distance from them. I understand your forgiveness of them. But that's not what broke the trust. What broke it is you didn't tell me the full truth of what went on. Your getting married in two weeks? I am mad you didn't say a word when I called or texted. I heard this through the pack. I thought of you as my sister, I felt as your my sibling as my mom died six five months pregnant. I lost a sister the day of the attack. And I gained one while I was here. I bless you in your marriage. I just wish you told me yourself. Not from someone else." I said. I turned.
"Wait Percy I'm sorry. I just thought that if I told you, you would kill Edward. Or not talk to me." Bella said.
"Bella yes I would be mad. But I can't kill those my love ones love as it's my fatal flaw. But if he breaks my conditions. The bond would snap and I'll have no problem. Charlie let me threaten Edward as long as I don't kill or severely injured or he had to arrest me." I said. I started running back home. When I walked through the door Charlie hugged me and asked what I did.
"Ugh I stopped by the Cullen's. Threaten Edward and talked to Bella saying I was disappointed. Giving her a big speech and blessed their marriage and ran here." I said.
"So no physical harm?" He asked looking at me curiously.
I look at him with a smile.
"I didn't have to. They watched as I spared in a field. Which reminds me I need an inflatable dummy. I popped the last one. I have to stay fit some how." I said after the look Charlie gave me.
He smiled and shook his head.
"Get some sleep. You have a long day at the diner. I got news that it will be packed." Charlie said. I nodded and took a shower. I put on a pair of sweatpants and white tee shirt. I walk to my room smelling a delicious smell. I walked in and see a girl with a strict blonde bun.
"Mate" I whispered. The girls head snapped towards me. Her eyes bright red. She was in shock.

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