Um what!?

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It has been a week and I got a call from Bella.
"Hey Izzy what's going on? I thought your were in a honeymoon?" I said answering
"Well it ended early." Bella said.
"What did he do! I warned him. What I was going to do. See you in ten." I said hanging up. I run to the throne room.
"Ah Percy what can I do for you." Aro asked.
"I need to go and fulfill a threat to a Cullen." I said.
He gave me an evil smile.
"You may go." He said. The other two nodded. I teleported to the Cullen's with Ice replicas  and allusions that looked exactly like me. The Cullen's a pregnant looking Bella and Jacob. I stood at the end of the line and replica me in the middle stepped forward. I heard Emmett whisper.
"This is creepy."
"So you are pregnant." I said stepping up. They look at me and the one in the middle. The one in the middle had a trouble maker smirk.
"Which one is the real you?" Bella asked. I smile and clap my hands. And they formed into a large one. I turn to mist and combine into the huge ice one. I evaporate in a smaller form. And I'm back to regular size.
"That's a cool trick." Emmett mumbled.
"Yea I have been working on it. The volturi just know not to me with me or my family." I said shrugging.
"They tested you?" Carlisle asked.
"Yeah and it almost cost them. They are used to Janes pain but they are definitely not used to mine." I said.
I look at Edward.
"So why is she pregnant I thought it was impossible for vamp to have offsprings." I said pointing at Bella's belly.
"Offsprings?" Edward asked.
"Your having twins did you not know that?" I asked.
"Ugh what?!" Edward said.
"You are having two girls. One is almost all the way cold one. While the other is half human and cold one. That is why you only hear one heart. The other is to much cold one it doesn't have a heart beat. It will still grow as the other one. But she will grow faster then the other one." I explained.
"And how do you know this?" Carlisle asked.
"I have a hybrid friend that I met he is half human and half cold one. His mom died gave birth and was found by his grandmother. His grandmother was turned into a cold one. And he is now around 150 years old. Bella would die. However if you insert your venom fast enough she will be in transition. The kids will grow and know she is their mom. But if I hear you treating one horrible I will take the child for me and Jane to raise. Understand. And I will know." I said.
I turned.
"Bella it will be wise for you to drink blood. Regular food won't help you. Your children are part cold ones. Cold ones drink blood. It may keep you alive longer then with out." I said. I teleported back to the castle.
"So how did it go?" Jane asked.
"Well Bella got pregnant. And the Cullen's are trying to get Bella to terminate it. However she might go through with it. They are having twins. And I warned if a child is treated badly that you and me will raise her." I said. Janes sped to me and crushed me in a hug. I smiled. We walked to the training room and trained.

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