Red heads sister

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Well the month was going good until apparently the red hair that I killed with her mate has a sister. How did I know because she is attacking Me and Bella. She is creating a new born army and the Cullen's left two weeks ago. And Alice apparently did not see it because the red heads sister is half shifter and vampire. So me and Bella are with the pack. Charlie is at the police department because all of the missing people. I sigh. I can see the army coming.
"Um they are coming. Bella I was you to stay here. I'll get this taken care of. Pack please don't be there. Well because I'm going to be boiling blood. Bye." I said. I ran to the field.
They all stood at one side of the field.
"Your here by yourself. So you surrender to your fate." Gloria the sister of Victoria said. I lift my arms and slowly heat the blood up.
"I don't need anyone to defend me." I said. The front line started screeching and falling to the ground.
"What are you doing." Gloria asked. Looking at her army.
"Making them go through the change again." I said. She charged at me. I block. I can smell the Cullen's watching. I block her attacks and I can hear a scream and a pop and saw one exploded and burn. There was gasps. I got out my sword. Gloria backs up because she can feel power come from it. I stomp my foot and she falls. I run to her dismember her. And snap my fingers and the rest started to burn. I put my sword away and glare angrily at the Cullen's. The took a step back and shivered in fear. I made them move in front of me. I glared and paced in front of them.
I stopped and faced Edward.
"You broke me cousins heart. You left her in the forest. If I haven't found her she would of died from hypothermia. Your a sick jerk. I thought I could trust you to look after her." I yelled. He flinched. The others looked saddened at what I told.
"Me and Bella had all but moved in with the pack because Gloria there was Victoria's sister. She came for revenge. Charlie was always at the station because Gloria made newborns and he is trying to find the missing teens so they can go back home. We were attacked by her several times. I had to not only defend her and my self. But the town. Just don't talk to me or my cousin. I don't need no therapy session. Nor the pills they don't help." I said. I ran away back to the pack. When I got to the pack house I hugged Bella and dry sobbed. She rubbed my back.
"What happened?" She asked.
"Well I killed three hundred newborns and Gloria. That's about three hundred on my mind. They didn't have a choice. They were kidnapped and turned. They follow the one that changed them. And I killed them. Then the Cullen's has the audacity to show up and watch the show. I then yelled at them for what happened to you and the stress I was under." I said. She hugged me and hummed to me.
"That's great you took down the newborns." Said a new wolf that turned last week because of Gloria.
"Yeah that should be great. But you don't understand is my life. Since the day I was born I was to protect humans and my race. On my sixteenth birthday there was a prophecy that said that I should either save the world or destroy it. I saved it but I lost many of my soldiers lives. I was a leader like an alpha for a pack. I was their alpha. They looked up to me to keep them alive. They follow my orders out of respect for what I do. I saved millions by doing the first war. Then my girlfriend my fiancé my soul mate was getting dragged down to the literal pit of hell. What did I do I jumped in. I took her torture I could not bare to her her screams and crys. When we escaped barley hanging on in the mental part. We would have flash backs all the time. I can't eat because of the torture I went through. I could not sleep because I would only get tortured again. We fought in another war many more died. Almost all from the Amazon many Roman and a lot from the Greek. I lead those to the death and I was the cause. I had a nosebleed and woke up the primordial of the earth. We fought earth herself. We fought an impossible war that we couldn't win. But we did. I took her down and now she sleeps for another century. Then a week later my fiancé my soulmate was killed by the same monsters we fought. The next day after my fiancé was killed my mom and step dad were killed on 'accident' in a gas pipe explosion and I know that's not true. I loved all my life to survive in a world that did not want me. I lived in a world that for me it is to kill or die. A fatal flaw is something that can kill you when it breaks. And mine is loyalty. I will die for those I love or cherish. I won't think twice just do it. If I was betrayed I can break. If I watch those I love die I won't be able to control what happens to those who killed them. I hold loyalty to help humans and keep them safe from the monsters they sometimes don't see. And now I'm part of the race I kill to protect them. When I killed those newborns I killed teens and kids who were there by no choice. They were kidnapped and changed. When your a newborn they look up to the person who changed them. The one that was there for them after the change. Some have no memories of their human life and follow them." I said. They were in shock.
"Welcome to the life of Percy Jackson. The loyal son of Poseidon god of the seas father of horses and storm bringer. The forbidden child of the big three. The bane of monsters and the savior to humans. The twice savior of Olympus. The broken Demi vampire." I said. No one said a word. We just sit there in silence. I can hear there thoughts on what I said. And all of them are sympathetic.

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