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When I heard Bella had the kids I was excited to meet them. So what do I do? I teleported. I walk in and saw two babies. One was laying on the couch. While everyone was surrounding one baby. I sighed. I picked up the Lonely baby girl. She had black hair and green eyes. She look beautiful. She put a hand on my cheek. I saw images of Edward having a mad and anguished look.
'Why do they hate me?' A small voice said in my head.
I placed my hand on her cheek.
'I don't know sweetheart. I'll take you home my mate will be happy to be your mom.' I sent to her. She gave me a smile. I stood up and started walking to the door.
"Where are you going with the monster?" Alice said.
"The conditions. Your treating her horribly. You lost your chance. She is now my daughter. I told you this when I visited last month." I said. I teleported to the castle. I walk to the throne room. The Kings stood up.
"Why do you have an immortal child?" Marcus asked.
"It is one of Bella's children. It grows like a child at a faster rate. Bella was human when she gave both to her and her twin sister. But they failed to listen to my conditions. Now me and Jane will raise her as our own. You will be able to watch her. Be her grandfathers." I said. They nod reluctantly.
"Jane." I called. Jane ran in. She saw the baby in my arms and ran to me. She held it in her arms.
"Does she gave a name?" Jane asked me.
"Artemis?" I said questioning.
The baby smiled and giggled.
Jane smiled and nodded.
"Lets see. Artemis Zoe Jackson?" She said look at me. I smiled and hugged her from behind and looked down. Artemis raised her hand to Janes cheek. Jane smiled wider. She nodded.
"Of course." Jane said. Artemis again smiled wider.
"So she has a twin what is her name. Does she have a power. Does she pose a threat?" Caius asked.
"Her name is Renesmee. She is half and half. She has a heart beat. Diet consist of blood and Human food. By the time of age seven she will be full grown to look twenty one. She has a shifter imprint. As seen with Artemis here Renesme can do the same. She can project her thought and pictures by touch. She could also lie through it. She can project a picture of someone doing something and they will believe her because they don't think she can lie through it. She can go through shields with this gift. Although I don't think Artemis has yet to fully inherit her powers. Now Artemis on the other hand is more cold one. She dislikes human food so blood in a bottle or cup is needed till she is fully grown by the next month." I said. They nodded.
"Then we must go and make sure she won't cause trouble. Make rules and check ups." Aro said. I nod.
"I give them two weeks after Bella awakes. That way the child will be old enough to know the rules and consequences of her actions." I said. They nod. I summoned a camera and took a picture of Jane smiling at Artemis. On the back of the Polaroid I wrote both in Greek and English
Artemis meeting her mama.
I slip it in my pocket. We walk to our room and I create a crib. On the bed was a gold envelope with my name. I look at it scared. And Jane looks confused.
"Oh Percy there's a gold letter for you. Who is it from?" Jane asked.
"It's from my fathers side." I said with a scratchy voice.
I picked it up and opened it.

Dear Perseus,
Please be in the throne room in ten minutes. Good luck!

"I'm dead. Yup meeting with my fathers and uncles council in ten minutes. Considering I was only to live with my uncle till I was out of depression and was turned into vampire. Yeah I'm so dead." I said nodding my head. I kiss Jane on the forehead.
"I'll be back in a hour or two." I said. I kissed Artemis forehead.
"Be good for your mama. She is new at this." I whispered. Artemis giggled. I smile and pop to an empty alley by the Empire State Building. I walk in and I was handed a key. I go in and start my journey up. When out I walked to the throne room. I enter and stood in the middle. I bowed.
"Ugh hi how have you been." I say sheepishly.
I was tackled by my cousins Thalia and Nico. I didn't move an inch on impact.
"How's being a vampire treating you?" Zeus asked.
My cousins got off fast.
"It's fantastic you know drinking blood really sucks. But Apollo if you would give me criminal blood I'm totally fine with it. And finding my mate is cool. And my cousin got hitched to a cold one then got pregnant and had twins. Then everyone hating one while loving another got on my nerves. So guess who became a father. Me and my mate Jane. Although she's like two centuries maybe more old I can say she's mine and I love every single thing about her." I said. My cousins are in shock. And the males in the room chuckled.
"What gender and name?" Asked Hera.
"It's a she. She is beautiful. Her name is Artemis Zoe Jackson. I picked Artemis and the baby loved it. And Jane picked Zoe. And the vampire leaders has been dubbed grandfathers and so will my dad. The rest will be Uncles, aunts or cousins." I said optimistic.
"I want to meet them. Bring them here tomorrow at noon." Zeus said smiling.
I nod.
"Wanna see a picture. Artemis might have grown by tomorrow." I said.
They nod. I made a Ice replica of me. And I merged with it. I took the photo and walked around showing them. They coo'd at it. I left saying I'll be back tomorrow.
When I got back to my room I was tackled by Jane. I hugged her and said comforting words. I told her that my family wanted to meet her and Artemis. Then told her that they just want to spoil them. She laughed and nodded. I checked Artemis she is growing.
I took Jane and we cuddled until morning.

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