Meeting with Cullens

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It was Sunday morning. I had baked the cookies for the pack. I boxed them up and ran to la Push. I was met face to face with a wolfie Sam. I sigh and waited till he changed. When he came out he shook his head.
"I thought your were not supernatural?" He said with an angered face.
"I wasn't. Last Sunday I was running and was attacked by nomads. With the help of the Cullen's we killed them but I didn't feel the bite on my hand. I am just here to deliver the cookies your pack ordered." I said.
"What's your diet?" He asked.
"Normal food." I said with a shrug. I checked my watch.
"I'm I got to go I have therapy with my doctor. And maybe an interrogation even." I said so enthused.
Sam chuckled and nodded grabbing the box. I started running when I heard him call saying that I was welcomed over the border.
"Thank you" I called back. I ran to the Cullen's house. I knocked on the door. They let me in confused as to why I don't have red or gold eyes.
I sat down on the open seat they gave me. They all stare at me.
"How was your transition. Diet?" Carlisle asked.
"Painless. I don't feel that much from what I've been through. I eat regular food and blood. But my Cousin gave me blood bags. He is from my fathers side. He is also a doctor. He helps me out through hard times and knows what I'm going through." I said quietly.
"Wait you told him!" Rosalie yelled.
"No. He is like Alice. He can see the future. My birth father had the power of water. And I had inherited that from him since I was born." I said. They look at me wide eyed.
"Is that what you did to the nomads?" Asked Carlisle.
"I controls their venom. I can either speed it up or slow it down. I can make it hot or cold. I made them feel like they were changing again." I said.
They looked at me in shock. I started to get a head ache. I held my head. The room got quiet they were looking at me.
"Percy are you alright?" Carlisle asked. I could hear thoughts, I could feel eminence emotions.
"Can you quiet your thoughts. And tone your feelings your overwhelming me." I said quietly. A hand was placed on my shoulder. I grabbed the hand and flipped the body over me.
'I wanted a normal life.' I changed in my life.
"Percy calm down. Your okay we'll help you through this." I heard Edward say.
I closed my eyes and thought of my room. I felt wet cooling sensation and I opened my eyes. I was in my room. I sat on my bed hugging my knees. I kept thinking places I feel comfortable. The kitchen!
I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen. I check the time and started cooking. I called Charlie from the house line and asked if I can invite some people from the Rez to come for dinner. He had no problem and asked how my session went. I told him I had a moment and thought that some friends can help me out. He said okay and hung up. Bella is out with her friends. I called Sam and invited the pack and their imprints plus Billy and Jake. They agreed to come and asked if they need to bring anything.
"Ahh you can bring blankets or chairs as it will be outside. And maybe a football to entertain yourselves." I said.
They agreed and hung up. I put lights up in the back yard and continue to cook. I went to my fridge and drank a bag and through it in the bin only for it to disappear. I walked back outside and put the food on the table I found in the garage. People started arriving right after Charlie came. He looked at the food. The pack set up in the back. Bella was dropped of by Edward who quickly sped off. Everyone is having a good time chatting and eating the delicious food.

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