Doctors office

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Bella is off to school and Charlie is taking me to see Dr. Cullen. We pulled up and parked. I wore a long sleeve and black jeans.

We walked in and Charlie signed me in and we sat down

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We walked in and Charlie signed me in and we sat down. Five long minutes that felt like five hours and To Charlie's dismay of my tapping we were called to see him. We were led to a room. I was told to take off my shoes so they can weigh me. I took off my boots and sigh. As I remember I'm missing a toe from my torture in hell. I stood on the scale. I weigh a hundred pounds on the dot. I stood at 6'1. I sat back on the bed thing. While she checked my heart rate and pulse. And by the tsk of the nurse I know it's too high. Ten minutes later the Dr. came in.
"Ahh Charlie is this your Nephew?" The Dr. asked.
"Yes I wanted him checked he ugh had been through rough times." Charlie said.
"Alright lets see your seventeen. When's your birthday." The doctor asked.
"August 18th, 1993" I stated.
"It says in your file that you haven't had an official check up since your eleven. We need one recent on file." The doctor said. I sighed. I nod.
"Okay by your weight it seems like your not eating enough want to state a reason?" The doctor asked looking at me with gold eyes.
"Can't hold things down." I said looking down.
"Alright take your shirt off please." He asked. I stiffened. I pulled the shirt over my head. I heard Charlie's upchucking. I grimace when the doc. Touched one of the still open cuts. The doc ran his hand over the branding.
"Who did this to you?" He asked.
"I was held captive a couple times over the years. I was tortured for information. Some of those came from my first step dads hands. He was a drunkard and abusive." I said with my voice cracking.
He stitched up the ones that are still opened.
"Have you been poisoned?" The Dr. asked writing things down.
"Yes." I said. He looked at me.
"How many times?" He asked.
"I lost count after fifty. I spent a year getting tortured. I will get poisoned once a day or maybe five times as my body got used to it. Some tools they used were coated in poison to make my screams louder. But they love whipping me. They'll just add on if I take my girl friends torture. My average was two hundred plus my girl friends 150 then add fifty because I talked out of turn to get her punishment." I rambled tapping my leg looking around.
"I'm going to say a word and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind." The Dr. said Looking nervous.
"Red?" he said.
"Hope" I said with a smile.
"Annabeth" I said.
"Dead." I said about to cry.
"Welcoming." I said.
His hand froze.
"Are you having suicidal thoughts?" He asked.
"To be honest to how much times I came close to it. I will take it if there was a good reason. Like saving my family's or friends life. I would've token my fiancés place. But I just got out of the infirmary when I was told she had gone out for supplies when she was attacked and killed by terrorist. She told me it's because I have undying loyalty to those I connect. She calls it my fatal flaw because I would die to save those I love and cherish." I said I had tears streaming.
I see memories flash. I watch how I first met Annabeth. To the first time we kissed. The wars we fought.
"Percy!" I heard someone yell. I look around all I see is bodies falling. Then I appeared in my cell. I saw that I was chained and tortured. I begged for Anna's torture. I felt a hand on my wrist like it was checking my pulse. I grabbed the hand.
"Percy. Where ever you are your not there. Your at a hospital room." I heard a voice. I close my eyes. I open my eyes to find a worried Doctor.
"Sorry memories." I whispered and let his wrist go. I look to see its ten. I fidget even more. The Doctor talks to Charlie and starts writing out prescriptions. He then told Charlie for me to come to his house on Sunday afternoons for therapy and talk sessions. In which Charlie completely agrees because what he just witnessed. The let me go and Charlie dropped the prescriptions at the pharmacy and drops me off at the diner. People cheer when I came in. I give a half smile. I wave and go to the kitchen. I started making the regulars their food. Boss lady screamed in joy and delivered it to them. When all food was served and no more new customers to cook I came out with a bowl full of cookies and passed them out and took one out for myself. Cora the boss lady asked how my appointment went.
"Ugh not so well. Do you remember how I told you that I was kidnapped and tortured?" I asked quietly. She leaned in and nodded.
"Well the doc said words in which I was to say something for those particular words. Then my fiancé came up." I said fingering the ring on the necklace.
"And I started having flashbacks of the time. And well he touched my wrist to check my pulse and I grabbed him. I just feel better in a kitchen or when I run in the morning. That place was unfamiliar and did not help the anxiety." I said.
"Hey it's okay. You'll get better. So did he give you some medicine?" She asked.
"Yes I got for ADHD, some for my PTSD, Depression, sleeping, and my lack of able to eat much. But if you were in position you would never want to eat. At least I'm trying." I said. Cora nodded.
It was three now. I got up and started making the dough and mix's. students started filling in.
"Percy can you fill in for me. For a while. My daughter seemed to miss her bus." She asked.
"No problem. Go a head." I said. I took plates out to customers who complimented my cooking. I took the school teens orders.
"Are you new in town?" The boy asked.
"Agh yeah. Moved in with my Uncle Chief Swan three days ago." I said. I fixed their food and brought it out and put it down in front of the people.
"Who cooks these?" A girl asked as she hums chewing on a burrito.
"Ugh I do. And I was unfortunately claimed by Forks and keep cooking them food." I said with a playful sigh.
"You got that right." The regulars yelled. I chuckle.
"Alright if I get two more Cookie Monster plates I'll be giving out the cookies." I yelled.
Three hands rose in the air. I smile I started making the food. I brought out a huge bowl of cookies and a tray with three Cookie Monster orders. I pass the orders out and gave everyone a cookie. When Cora came back with a little girl and saw the scene of school kids ordering the cookies. I had six cookies in my hand. And the teens were eyeing it. I ran over to Cora. She was laughing.
"Your lucky you came in time I was about to be jumped. Okay so three cookies for your daughter and three cookies for you." I said handing each the cookies.
"Alright I'll make more cookies. I'll make you schoolers a deal. If you you pay ms. Cora here six dollars and I'll give you six cookies. Ten for a dozen." I said. I went back to the kitchen and started making cookies. I put them into to go boxes. I walked out with a stack I labeled them with the amount of cookies. I called the name on the order slips and gave them a correct amount. They left. That's how Charlie and Bella found me. Still baking and passing out cookies. I made coras daughter a Cookie Monster breakfast meal. She choose bacon and hash browns. I served her milk. I made the pancakes look like the actual Cookie Monster with the the bacon as legs. When we were finished Cora hugged me tight I winced and she saw.
"Sorry. Today was great. You earned me more money than I have in a long time." She said.
"It's alright. My mother taught me how to make those and I was addicted to it so she taught me so she doesn't have to worry when she was at work when I came home from school." I said.
"Your mother was great." She said.
"And so are you. This little girl proved that." I said. Coras daughter Rachel giggled.
Charlie picked me up and the medications and drove home. Charlie also picked up groceries and a weakly medicine holder for the days. On the prescriptions I wrote in Greek with a sharpie what they are for. Because I don't need the ADHD ones or the sleeping ones. But I'll take the others. I'll just throw those two pills away each day. I went to sleep knowing in two days is my first meeting with Dr. Cullen.

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