Meeting the Cullens

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I was dropped off by Charlie in front of an immaculate house mansion. I held the ring tighter. And closed my eyes. I took a large breath. I open my eyes to see Dr. Cullen walking towards me.
"Ah Percy on time come along. How's the medicine I gave you?"
"It works it just clears my head and unable to form a clear thought." I said.
He nods.
"So its working a little too well then." He said. I just nod.
"Where do you usually feel comfortable or feel at home at?" Cullen asked.
"When I'm running or in the kitchen cooking." I said.
"So you don't go to school?" He asked.
"No. Problems start there. I have been expelled from several schools the only school that didn't was the one where my late stepdad taught." I said. He just nodded.
"So what have you been doing since you moved here?" He asked.
"On the first day here I got a job. I'm the cook at the diner." I said.
"My kids heard from your fans about your cooking. Where did you learn?" He asked.
"My mother. She wasn't home a lot. It was a bonding exercise. My first step dad was a drunk who gambles. My mom ended up working odd jobs to make things meet. When he has disappeared we were glad in a way but we had to find a place to live. She built a statue of him and sold it. With that money she got an apartment. I would always go missing. Because I would be kidnapped, in a coma, or being tortured. I taught at a camp I was their fighting instructor and we are really just a huge family once you go there. I started going there when I was twelve. I became instructor after my sixteenth birthday. I was then kidnapped and held deep underground. My fiancé was there too. I took hers. When she died it was like my heart was ripped in half and I couldn't feel anymore. I was sent to live with Charlie and I'm glad because at least now my smiles are real. I sat in my cabin for three weeks with out food. Because I just don't feel hungry. I can't sleep because I watch my memories on replay so I just don't sleep. I haven't slept for ten months. I will doze off but I can hear cries of my friends as they were tortured and killed for something one of their parents did. Like I was tortured because my father that I was told has been lost at see since before my birth to give secrets, to betray my friends that became family. I couldn't do that. Now I'm broken on the inside and the outside. For the sake of trees I am missing six toes. After me not screaming out in pain or giving information they moved to stabbing, electrocuting, whipping, drowning in a tank of poisoned water or letting me hang from the ceiling naked from my wrists while my fiancé watched as every freakin monster of a person toyed and did what they want. When we got out we could not leave each other's side as we have panic or just flashback. We had to sleep close together or we wake the whole camp and they have to wait it out until we could wake ourselves up. She just went out to get supplies while I was in the infirmary from when I fell asleep walking and started fighting people. To me I was back in that damn cell and was fighting my captives. When I went and taught how to disarm people. It wasn't until several attacks that they finally told me that she was killed and the day after my parents were killed. And I broke." I said with tears. He sat me down as I cried it out. He rub softly on my back. When I finished I looked up and saw a lot of teenagers. I was introduced to them. Charlie came and picked me up. He hugged me when I exited the house. He told me how we are going to the reserve for a barbecue. I got in and buckled up.

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