Mate and invite

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"You look human." She said.
I walk to the fridge and grabbed a blood bag.
"Would you like one?" I asked.
She nodded. I get another one and handed it to her. I drink mine.
She stared at me when she finished hers.
"It's a gift. I can look like my normal self along with a few power up gifts." I said. She nodded slightly. She didn't look trusting.
"I'm Perseus Jackson but I prefer Percy." I said.
"Jane." She said. I smiled at her.
"A pretty name for a gorgeous girl. Let's get to know each other. For an example I was born in New York. I moved her with my Uncle and cousin because my mother and second step father was killed in a explosion. I was tortured for a year before I moved her. I was apart of two wars. And was a leader." I said.
"I was turned when they thought I was a witch and tried to burn me. I have a gift that can make other feel what I felt when getting burned. I have a brother named Alec who is also one of us." She said.
I nodded and gave a sad smile.
"Do you have scars?" She asked.
I nodded. I took my shirt off. She traced my scars. I shivered feeling the electric vibrations.
"Why were you tortured?" She asked softly.
"I was a leader that fought wars against him and his army. One day I was on a mission one of my teammates was getting dragged into a hole that lead to hell it self. I fell down with them. I took their torture I was tortured for information and was tortured to join their side. But I denied and escaped when we got out we went straight into a war. But not all scars came from war or torture." I said quietly. We sat in my bed.
"Then where did the others come from?" She asked leaning on me.
"I had a drunk abusive stepdad. He was the first stepdad. At first he was hurting my mom. Me being me he stopped hurting her if he hurt me instead and kept it a secret. He would gamble all the money away. My mother would work three jobs. We barley paid the bills, we barley got food. I would always fight back at my bullies and would be expelled from schools every year. The teachers think I was a dumb trouble maker. I just had Dyslexia and fight back against bully's." I said. She hugged me.
"Did your dad die. You never mention him." She asked.
"My mom told me he got lost out at sea. But I first saw him when I was twelve. He was a part of this huge council. I was born into a line of Hunters of sorts. We hunt monsters and protect humans. When I moved here because I was in deep depression I was attacked by nomad vampires. I killed them but I was bit. I didn't realize until I felt it heal. It took over my human side. Two weeks later I was protecting my cousin. A drunk college boy brought a gun out. I disarmed him but saw I was shot in the right side of my chest. I took the others down. But I lost too much blood. I wasn't healing because I haven't fed. I was bit again by Carlisle. It took over my Hunter genes and created ones I was missing. I became full vampire. I just better then the Cullen's. When I was born I inherited my fathers power over water. Do you know how much water there is. Everything has water." I said. I didn't check the time. We just cuddled until Bella and Edward knocked on my door.
"What can I help you with Bella and Edward." I said as they open my door. My eyes are closed and so was Jane. We were relaxing.
"You realized you missed work. And why is Jane here?" Said Edward.
"One oops and two Jane is my mate." I said. I tighten my hold on Jane.
"Why is your shirt off?" Bella asked.
"I was story telling. Why are you here?" I asked.
"Oh um. We are inviting you and your mate to our wedding. I'm sorry I didn't tell you myself." She said trailing off.
"Thank you Bella. Remember Edward about my speech. And I accept the apology. So am I catering?" I asked looking at her.
"I don't exactly know Alice is planning it." She said Nervously.
"That's okay if I'm not. I would rather watch and participate then work it." I said.
She nodded and smiled. I felt Jane move. I look down and smile at her showing my fangs. She smiled. I kissed her forehead. We snuggled the rest of the night.

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