Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


I wake up in a bed and I feel really good, weightless even. I look over to my right and I see a man, then I realize it's my man. I smile
"Toby!" I scream happily. Why did I just call him Toby? Huh I don't know.

"I really hope the pain killers wear off soon I have a felling that it's gonna be like the last time we were here." He moans

I laugh Painkillers oohhhh that explains why everything feels fuzzy.
"I feel like a feather." I say giggling

"I swear if they gave you the peace syrum again I will kill them." Tobias says annoyed
Just then everyone walks in.
I laugh
"Your all so fuzzy!" I say "I bet your soft to!" I laugh, they all just look at me like I'm crazy.
"TOBY!" I scream "THE ROOM IS SPINNING!" I shout
Everyone looks at Tobias now, I wonder why I keep calling him Toby....

"Pain killers, affective but um yeah.....little miss feather over here is well, not really sane." He says in explanation
Ohhs spread across the room and everyone sits down and stares at me and basically waits for what else I have to say.

I grab Tobias hand and start playing with his fingers, I laugh.
"You know what Toby." I say "I love you more than dauntless cake."
I laugh a bit more, but I don't really know at what.

"I love you to now please go to sleep." He says kissing my forehead
"Your lips are soft." I giggle

He just sighs as everyone laughs. I decide to sit up, but I do it to fast and pain starts shooting up through me. I moan and lay back down.

"The pain killers stopped working Toby I need more so I can sit up." I whimper

"No more of that stuff do you, you just sat up way to fast, here let me help you." He says and gently lifts me and adjusts my pillows so I can sit up. It doesn't hurt once.

"Your really good at that." I say sounding a bit more, well sane but I still feel weightless and giddy.
He just nods, then I get dizy and the walls turn color.
"Hey Tobias." I say he looks happy I didn't call him Toby "yes." He says

"The room is spinning again and the walls are changing colors."I say

He laughs "tris your fine it's just the pain killers slowly wearing off, thank god for that." He says

The spinning stops and I look at my family "You!" I say pointing in their direction but to no one specifically
I laugh "have a tattoo." I say addressing my mother
"You were dauntless and dad was Euridite!" I exclaim "Irony." I say in a weird toned voice.
"but you were not born in the city and the guy who tried to kill me was in love with you." I say "irony." I say in the same weird voice
"That's enough Beatrice." She says
I laugh "call me tris or I will not hesitate to slap you." I say trying my hardest to sound serous.
I point again over to my parents
"you!" I say pointing to my dad.
"Jeannine Matthews was your best friend growing up, and she tries to kill me as well." I say "irony." I say again in the same weird tone
"And you!" I say pointing to my brother "You watched them torture me and you were in the room I was to be excited in! But of all people Peter saved me, who before that tried again and again to kill me!" I say then yet again in the same odd tone I say "irony."

"I have one messed up family." I say and the room starts spinning again. By then everyone is laughing and my parents faces are beat red along with my brothers.
I grab Tobias hand hoping the spinning will stop but it doesn't.
"I feel......" And with that darkness

~ten minutes later~

I open my eyes and mumbles under my breath, I am in and upright position and everyone is staring at me.
My family looks mad, I wonder why.
"Uhh." I say "what's wrong with your faces?" I ask

With that Tobias grabs my face and kisses me "Your back!" He's says

"I wasn't aware I went anywhere." I say and everyone laughs
"What?" I ask

"Let's just say Tris on pain killers is way worse than Tris on peace syrum" Tobias says
Oh. My. God. What did I say while I was on that stuff

"Uhhh"I say "what did I um, well shoot."
They laugh and Christina does the weirdest thing
She says "Irony," In the weirdest tone
"What the crap was that Christina?" I ask
Everyone laughs harder, I am so out of the loop.

"It was an impression of you." She says trying not to laugh through her words
"Oh god." I say "what on earth did I say?" I ask and Tobias hands me his phone,
He turned it on once they told him that I was on pain killers, I watch the video and when it stops Tobias puts his phone back in his pocket.

"Oh my god." I say "I'm sorry for calling you Toby, and I'm sorry I just spilled your secrets like that guys." I say the stare blankly at the ceiling.

"This place is going to be associated with my acting like a psyko now." I say
And everyone laughs

"Good to have you back Tris." Tobias says then he kisses my cheek.

"When can I leave?" I ask anybody who would give me an answer.
" a week." Tobias says I want to argue but I am so tired and before I know it sleep pulls me in.

Ok not my best chapter but I had to use the timing to try and make Amity a funny place for Tris and Tobias.

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