Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven


I wake up in Tobias arms, it's been a long time since the last time I did. The thought makes me cry with joy as I look up Tobias, he soon wakes up. When he sees me crying he pulls me closer and I lean in on his chest, and cry into his shirt. "What's wrong?" He asks

I looks back up to him with me broken smile "I'm just so happy, it was so horrible there and I missed you so much." I say my voice shaking a little bit.

He just looks at me for a moment and he starts crying to, I've only seen him cry a couple of times, but unlike the other times this is actually comforting knowing he feels the same.

"I know, I missed you to I've been so alone these past two years I love you Tris." His voice is shaking now to

"I love you to." I say as he pulls me back into his strong and comforting embrace.

We lay there crying out for all the time we lost that we could have been together.

When we calm down we fall back into sleep.

The next thing I know Christina is shaking us awake we turn to look at her.

"Whoa, you guys are majorly puffy." She says "were you two crying?"

I just nod along with Tobias as we sit up.

"I'm just so happy to be out of there and will all you guys again." I say

Her lip starts to tremble "ok so I don't blame you for crying." Her voice shaking but before she starts crying she is able to stop herself

"We're hitting the road." She says "the next city it a couple of miles away, it's not a city with experiments so it should be safe." We just nod and Christina hands me some clothes, black like the dauntless "memory's." I mumble

"So many." He says

I change quickly not minding if he sees me, I got over that fear a long time ago.

As I look over when I finish getting dressed he is shirtless his back facing me, probably not wanting to make me feel uncomfortable

I go up and run my fingers on the symbols

"There meaningless now." He says

"No there not, they still represent everything you want to be and everything you are." I begin "brave, selfless, smart, honest, and kind."

He turns to me and puts his hands on my waist, he smiles "you helped me become kind." He says

"Well you did that for me to, I might as well have returned the favor."I say

He just laughs the he kisses me, longingly and passionately. He's the first to pull away he looks into my eyes "I love you, more than you could ever even imagine." He whispers

"I love you more." I say in the same whispering voice. He kisses my forehead than slips on his shirt.

We start taking down the tents and one of the tent poles flys up and hits Uriah smack dab in the face and we all start laughing.

It feels so good to laugh again. Uriah always tried to make me laugh when we were at the Bearu but it never worked.

Whithin a half and hour were on the road. We talk for about an hour or two until the tuck comes to a stop,

We go straight to a building that is run by the government and explain the situation, I had all the scars to prove it to, they said we can stay here for now and that they would send someone in to find and arrest all those who still has their memory completely there and helped in my tourture for questioning.

They show us to a room were there are 12 different rooms each small and connected by a hallway, they each only have a bed and a dresser, at the end of the hallway is a large living room and to my right is a kitchen to my left there are three bathrooms.

"It's fully stocked, I hope you enjoy your stay." The man says and he walks out the door that brought us into this apartment.

We all start claiming rooms, Tobias picks the one next to mine.

Although I have a feeling we won't be sleeping apart much until we know that we're safe.

Uriah suggests truth or dare because we didn't play long last night due to the long day we had

We all agree and sit in different areas around the living room, I sit next to Tobias and rest my head on his chest as he cradles me with one arm.

Al goes first "um.." He says and for the first time I realize he knows no one here except me, Will, Christina, and Tobias.

"Al, this is Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, Shaunna, and Zeke." I point to them as I say their name.

"Thank you Tris." Al says

"Lynn truth or dare?"he asks

"Dare." She says

" I dare you to go out and kiss the first person you see in that hallway." He says pointing to the door, but she just takes her sweater off, we look at her in shock

"What?" She says "he said first person, what if it was a girl, and old lady, and old man, or worse a grown man." We all nod at her logic

The night was full of laughter random kissing, emotional questions, makeovers.

By nights end neither me or Tobias had a shirt on anymore.

They kept asking him personal questions and when he picked dare they dared him to answer their question.

They did the same to me so soon me and Tobias were headed over to our rooms

He walks us into mine and we sit on the bead

"Do you think they'll ever give up?" I ask

He shakes his head and falls backward onto the bead

I crawl up next to him and kiss him. He wraps his arms around me gently and my skin tingles at his touch.

I cup his face in my hands and kiss him harder.

I pull back and rest my head in his neck "I love you." I say

"I love you to." He says and then we drift off to sleep.

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