Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


They have answered some of my questions like I was in a comma for a year, it has been about a year and a half since I woke up from it and I haven't found a way to escape. They keep threatening Uriah to keep me here, I am in my own apartment now and I am allowed to walk the compound if I keep hidden. I haven't seen Tobias so he must be done with this place, I know I am. then a shiver creeps down my spine and I realize to Tobias I have been dead for two and a half years. I cry a bit then decide to go for a walk I put on my hoodie wrapping the hood around my face and start out the door.

I walk along the hallways and find myself sitting on the couch me and Tobias slept on the last time we were together, I remember home telling me that I was beautiful and I believed him.I lay down on the couch and start to cry. I need him I need to be close to him, I just need to see him. And just like that my prayers were answered. He walks in looking almost as sad as I feel. He sees me but my face is covered so he doesn't recognize me, I have changed so much since he last saw me I am taller and thinner and I am now 18 my hair has grown out and my nose now fits my face. But I am desperate for him to know I am here that I am alive, I search the room for camera and there aren't any any I sigh with relief and sit up.
At first I hesitate to take the hood off of my head. What if he doesn't love me anymore?What if he has moved on? I have asked myself these questions before but the answers rest on this moment. I pull the hood from my head and I find the courage to say " Hi Tobias." He starts "How do y-you......" He rests his eyes on me and looks shocked, I can't really blame him I am supposed to be dead. "Why are you so shocked to see me?" I ask " it's not like I'm easy to kill."
"Your dead." Are the only words that come out of his mouth. "To your knowledge and everyone else's yes I am."
I say looking into his eyes salvo ring every moment. "I'm real." I say " I shouldn't be talking to you they kinda want to keep me dead, but I had to tell you." He walks over and sits next to me. Still shock registering in his face, he puts his hand up to touch me and hesitates for a moment then he touches my nose, cheek, and my lips. " their real to Tobias."
I say. He stares at me for another minute, and I grab his hand. "Why didn't you leave?" He says, the hurt in his eyes makes me want to start crying again but I force myself to answer his question before the tears can come. " Uriah's alive and they threaten him constantly to keep me there." The shock renters his face. Before he can say anything else I pull his lips to mine and there in that moment it's like he knows I'm real, he slips his hands to my waste. I pull back and say "I'm running out of time I have to but meet me here tomorrow at one and I will answer you questions." Just as the words leave my much I slip the hood over my head again and run out the door.

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