Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


Me and Tobias stay in bed all day,taking and sneaking in kisses. My dad gives me death glares because he thought I would actually break up with Tobias. I mean is he crazy?After everything he still doesn't trust me to make my own decisions.

Then it hits me, I'm eighteen and he can't tell me what to do anymore I'm not some clueless child.

I look up at Tobias and peck his cheek "I need to go do something, I'll be right back." I say and he Nods

I walk over to my dad and brother.

"You guys are annoying." I say

"We just don't want you to get hurt by him Beatrice." Dad says

I sigh

"Dad he would never do anything to hurt me, ask Christina and Zeke they were the ones who were with him when he thought I was dead. Apparently he kept saying how he would trade places with me so I could live my life." I explain

"Dad I'm eighteen, I'm not a little girl anymore. I can make my own decisions, and I have given him my heart that was my decision. Can you just be a supportive dad and let me make my own mistakes? I love him, and you shooting me death glares all day is not going to change that."

He looks at me with shock.

"Just trust me and try to be my friend not my protector." I say as I get up to go sit with Tobias again.

"What was that all about?" He asks

"I stood up to him and now he might actually leave us alone." I say with happiness

He just smiles

"I love you." He says

"And I love you." I respond and then kiss him.

This couldn't get better. I am safe, he is safe, our friends are safe and we are together. It's all I ever wanted.

I really hope it stays this way..

And suddenly I am snapped out of my thoughts. The car jerked and someone landed on top of me, Peter just perfect it had to be him? Ugh I know he's changed now but it's still annoying.

After a minute of everyone being thrown around the car, it steadys. I end up on top of Al in the end somehow. And he has his arms around my waist and is smiling.

"Hey Al can you let go of me?" I ask

And at this Tobias comes over and Al basically shoves me away from him. I laugh

"Thanks for letting go." I say as I walk around to make sure everyone is alright.

Christina ended up twisting her Ankle. Good thing we have medical supplies here, we put her foot in a brace and everyone else seems to be okay.

Me and Tobias walk over to were Cara, Matthew, and Caleb sit.

"What happend?" I ask

"Nothing really the road just all the sudden curved, it was a sharp turn thus everyone being thrown around." Mathew says I nod

"So the thing still works?" I ask worried that we could get in a wreck or something.

"It's functioning perfectly Tris, No worries." Matthew reassures me

After everyone is confirmed okay then me and Tobias go back and sit down on our bed.

"Do you think we will find somewhere to live?" I ask "I mean growing up we learned that the war destroyed everything. What if there is nothing else than what we have already found?"

He shakes his head

"Remember they have other experiments that failed, other city's. We will run into one eventually." I says

I nod and he pulls me into a hug, I burry my face in his shirt.

"I can't wait to stop running." I say my voice muffled by his shirt.

"Me either." He says

He puts his head in between my shoulder and my neck and we drift off to sleep.

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