Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


Tris was so annoying on the pain killers the Amity gave her, I wouldn't be surprised if they put peace syrum in that stuff.After I show her the video she apologizes to everyone, even though we all know she really couldn't control herself, she is such a stiff and I love her for it.

Soon everybody leaves and it's just me and Tris. I don't say anything I just stare into her eyes.after about ten minutes I decide to tell her what she missed while she was under.

"Tori, we found her." I say. Tori was basically me and Tris second mom, we loved her and it killed us when she died.

"We have to tell her." She says and I know exactly what she is talking about.. Gorge....

"She is here she wants to see you anyways." I say then I go get Tori

"Hey Tori she wants to see you." I say as soon as Tori comes into sight. Pheromones face brightens and she quickly walks with me to tris room.

I stay outside and wait, this is more of a girl moment.

After about fifteen minutes Tori comes out face stained with tears "is it true?" She asks

I nod "you should have seen him when we told him you died, he basically passed out." I say trying to fill the silence,

"Well I'll leave you to your thoughts" I say and walk into tris room.


"Hey" she says and pats the bed next to her telling me to sit.

I lay down next to her and she puts her head on my chest.

"I love you Tobias, thanks for putting up with me."she says and I laugh and kiss her forehead

"I love you to, and thanks for putting up with me."

I turn to my side and shrink in the bed a bit so we are face to face. I wrap my arm around her waist.

She touches her forehead with mine, and looks into my eyes then to my lips then back to my eyes.

She brushed her lips agenst mine "I want to walk" she whispers and pulls away.

"Tris." I say trying to sound more worried about her than irritated that she didn't kiss me.

"Your not gonna win, you know that, now help me up please." She says and I sigh and do as she says because she is right when she sets her mind to something there is not going back. I help her into a standing position, she winces a little but then relaxes.

She starts to walk around the room as if nothing is wrong. That's my girl.

"Wanna go on a walk?" She asks "I'm dying to get out of this room."

I nod and take her hand we walk around the hospital a little bit then end up in the waiting room somehow.

We are whispering and laughing.

"What are you doing out of bed Tris?" Christina asks and then glares at me.

"Hey don't look at him like that I made him, I was dying being stuck in once place for that long." Tris says

Everyone just sighs.

"Wanna eat?" Uriah suggests

We all nod and head to the dinning room. And little does Tori know we called in a little friend of ours.


Sorry for the short chapter, I will make it longer but I had to get to my aunts house so I just posted this to give my beloved readers a bit more to read.

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