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What You Thought (on hold) by love2read46
What You Thought (on hold)by Maze Elizabeth Hester
Hi, my names Dauntless Eve Eaton, and I'm 16 years old. My father is Four Eaton and we live in Chicago with my aunts and uncles. Then a girl shows up on our doorstep. I...
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Faded by KathleenAG
Fadedby KathleenAG
"As seconds pass by, I can imagine the serum working, extracting his memories of me. I can imagine myself slowly fade from his life, until I was nothing more than t...
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Reunited ( tris is alive) by IReadBooksLikeCrazy
Reunited ( tris is alive)by Paige Johnson
After Allegiant, tris wakes up and figures out she never died, but everyone thinks she was, she was simply in a comma for a year then tested on for another.When her and...
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Escaping The Shadows: An Allegiant Alternate Ending by emskizle_monkey
Escaping The Shadows: An emily
Four, long, agonizing years have passed since Tris's death. Tobias has sunk into solitude and barely gets out. As Zeke and the rest of the gang pull Tobias out of his a...
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New World (Divergent Fanfiction - Tris is Alive) by maybeitsdella
New World (Divergent .
~ T R I S I S A L I V E ~ When Tris runs into the Weapons Lab, she thinks it is all over. But, drawn back by Tobias, she miraculously stays alive. Mayb...
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Dauntless by HelloItsMeMyra
Dauntlessby ItsMyra
Tris is alive. Uriah is alive. Marlene is alive.Lynn is alive.Jeanine is dead.Will is alive. Now its time for them to choose their job. To decide their life. Who will...
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Divergent fanfiction reincarnated by Melaine27
Divergent fanfiction reincarnatedby PIHU KE KARNAAME
I will not want to spoil anything so just go ahead and read it
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Second Chances by TheUltimateReader315
Second Chancesby Anonymous Writer
What if it had been different? What if there was no war? What if Tris didn't die? This is Tris and Tobias' life in Dauntless, with the up's and downs it brings with it...
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I Think That I Love You by GraceYoung7
I Think That I Love Youby Grace Young
Tris is alive but in a coma, she never died!
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Selfless (tris is alive) by Melodythedemigod
Selfless (tris is alive)by Melodythefangirl
(ALLIGIANT SPOILERS AHEAD AND IN THIS STORY) DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED ALLIGIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok if you are reading this disruption i assume you have read all...
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Mended by hannahvictory88
Mendedby hannahvictory88
This story begins when tobais arrives to the bureau from Chicago at the end of allegiant, after that it is my version of what happens after
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Reborn by ThatDangFangirl
Rebornby ThatDangFangirl
Tris wakes up 2 years later after the stopping the mass mind wiping of Chicago only to discover she's all alone in an abandoned facility. Will she be able to make it bac...