Chapter 31

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After Christina found out me and Tobias were engaged she totally flipped and called dibs on planning the wedding.

"Please can we to dress shopping today" she begged and I laughed.

"Chris, we have been engaged three days and we have to pick a date and stuff first so would you please calm down and let me eat my food in peace?" I say and she huffs

"Well you ARE eventually getting married sooooo it doesn't hurt to get the dress a bit early does it?" She asks and I groan.., I JUST WANT TO EAT!

"Wait until we have picked a date THEN and only then will we go dress shopping" I say hoping to end the conversation.

"You and Four better hurry it up with that date" she mumbles and I sigh trying to solemnly concentrate on eating.

Thankfully after that I was able to eat in silence before I went to the tattoo parlor for my first day on the job.

After a while of practicing the head artist Ella said I was ready to work on real costumers. I was stunned, I mean real people.. What if I messed up?

"It's okay your a really talented artist" she assured me "you'll do fine."

After two hours of tattooing random people and having to shave one guys head so he could have a tattoo, the day was finally over.

"Hey Ella could I get a tattoo real quick, on my wrist?" I ask and she nods

"Course what would you like?" She asks

"A 4+6 with and infinity sign behind it" I say and she nods

It takes about ten minutes for her to finish.

"There done, and you can just go it on the house. You did a good job today" she says and I nod

"Kay thanks Ella!" I say waving as I exit the shop.

I make my way back to Tobias and I's apartment and opened the door.

I looked around and took a deep breath, still having a hard time believing all my troubles are behind me and I can finally live my life, at last.

I feel someone's arms wrap around my waist.

"Tobias" I say and he puts his chin on my shoulder with his head turned toward my face and his nose in my hair.

"Hmmm?" He asks

"Nothing just saying your name" I say and turn around so I'm facing him.

He smiles "I like it when you do that" he says

"Me to" I say smiling back

"So how was your first day on the job?" He asks and I shrug "productive I guess." And he laughs. I rest my head on his chest and take a deep breath, taking in his sent.

"Christina will kill me if we don't set a date for the wedding" I murmur

And he rests his head on top of mine,

"I noticed" he said "how about the day before the initiates come, it's only a few weeks away and all" he says into my hair.

"Sounds like a plan" mumble through a yawn

"Someone's tired" he says picking me up bridal style

"Mmmm" I manage with closed eyes.

He sets me down on our bed and takes my shoes off, he then wraps me in the blanket and he gets down in it beside me.

"Goodnight beautiful, I love you" he says while wrapping his arms around me

"I love you to" I manage before I drift off to sleep.

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