Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten


We get out of the compound easier than we expected Will and Christina have been making out for like a half an hour, same with Uriah and Marlene. I can see Al tense up every time he looks at Tris, I don't blame him he doesn't know that she's forgiven him yet.
We get to Chicago and do nothing but pick up Shaunna and leave, David would find us there so we decide to go somewhere else.
After we drove all night we get out of the cars and make a camp fire and set up our tents.
I stir the fire and see Tris talking to Al she's probably telling him that she forgives him.
The next thing I see is him wrap his hand around her waist, I get mad and walk over to them, I can tell she rejected him because she pulled his hand off her waist. He just stands up " Hi four." He says than walks away.
The next thing I know Uriah is yelling "The gang is back together and it's time to catch up!" He states "time for truth or dare!" Me, Tris, Christina, and Al look at them in confusion, "it's basically what it sounds like." Marlene explains " someone asks you truth or dare if you say truth you have to answer the question truthfully if you say dare you have to do the dare." I think about this for a moment, it does sound like it would be fun but... "What if I don't want to answer the question or do the dare?" I ask

"Then you take an article of clothing off" Zeke states " shoes and socks don't count."
"I'm in." Tris says "it's been a while since I laughed so this should be nice."
I look at her with sympathy than smile, we sit side by side by the campfire and listen to what everyone has to say. "I'll go first." Uriah says "Four, Truth or dare?" I knew in would be a target for this game everyone wants to know my secrets for some reason.

"Dare." I say
Uriah plasters a smile on his face and suddenly I get nervous
"Hmmm." He mumbles a bit then his face lights up like a light.

"I dare you to confess your love to Tris."he says, I see Al sit straight up and stare straight at me.
"I've already done that." I say plainly
"And how long ago was that?" He asks me.
I look over to Tris and Whisper in her ear.
"Louder!" Uriah says "I want to see your mushy side Four!"
"Fine." I say I look straight into her eyes and pretend like there isn't a group of people listening.
"I love you Tris, you complete me we are like the last to pieces of a puzzle and fit perfectly together, you complete me. I always said I couldn't live without you, and I was right, these past two years I was never living I was just existing, I had nothing to live for. And now that your back I will never let you go again. I need you, I love you. I say and I see that she is crying and I wipe the tears from her face.

"I love you to." She says and then I pull her lips to mine, completely forgetting we were In a group
The girls are all crying and going awe, and the boys are fake gagging, except for Al who just sits there in shock.

After me and Tris pull up and look at the group. I laugh at Uriah who is pretending to sniffle.
"You wanted to hear that, so stop making fun of it." I say firmly
"Fair enough." He says.
It's my turn and I don't know who to ask, then in an instant I decide. "Al." I say, he looks at me terrified, "truth or dare?" I ask "T-truth." He stutters
"Do you have a crush of my girlfriend?"I ask " I saw you wrap your arm around her so don't try and hide it." I stay sternly and ohhs go around the circle
"I didn't know you two were together," he says quietly
" that didn't answer my question." I say more sternly then before.

"Yes." He whispers, then flinches expecting me to punch him or something.

"Ok then." I say and lean back. "Your turn."

I see relief food his face. "I wasn't going to punch you if that's what you were thinking." I say with a smirk

Tris playfully punches my arm and laughs.

"Tris Truth or Dare?" He asks, I can see she is thinking about it. "Careful what you ask or a my just punch you." I say p, he gulps and then Tris says "Truth."

"Do you really forgive me for what I did?" He asks

"Yes I really do, I did a long time ago."she says with a comforting voice.
He nods now it's Tris turn who will she ask?

"Will, Truth or Dare?" She asks "Dare." He says
"I dare you to tell me how the heck your alive." She says

"Why do you want to know?" He says in a confused voice

Tris sighs and says "I never forgave myself for what I did, I couldn't hold a gun, I couldn't sleep, the guilt was eating me alive, but you were alive the whole time?" She says her eyes turning glassy.

"They knew the war was coming, so they replaced the weapons with ones that simulate death instead of actually causing it." Tris sits straight up, "my parents?" She whispers

I think I'm the only one who hears her so I whisper back. " we'll look into it." She looks up to me and smiles and mouths thank you.

"Okay well I'm beat." Christina says. Then we all go to sleep. I hold Tris close that night and keep telling myself to never let go.

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