Chapter 28

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Chapter 28


I wake with Tris in my arms, and the memory's of the last month fill my head.

Then the memory's when I was not with her come, that was the worst two years of my life, including the years I lived with Marcus.

I cannot live without her, she is mine and I am hers. I want to make it official.

I just hope she says yes.

I stare at her for a while, taking her in and all her beauty. Her eyes flutter open, they are beautiful and stunning just like always. I want to look into them forever.

"Good morning beautiful." I say

"Good morning creep." She says

"Why and I a creep?" I ask

"You stare at me while I sleep, it's a bit creepy." She says and sits up.

"No, it's romantic. And I just can't help myself your just so beautiful." I say and sit up, I kiss her cheek.

"That's your opinion number boy." She smirks and looks at me.

"Your acting dauntless already!" I say and she laughs "hasn't I always?" She asks sarcastically

I shrug. She leans into kiss me and at the last minutes pulls away and runs and locks herself in the bathroom.

I groan

"I will get that kiss!" I shout

"We'll see." He voice is muffled through the door. I hear the shower start.

I walk down to grab us some food. I get some breakfast sandwiches and chocolate chip muffins, and I grab some water bottles on my way out.

I open the door to find a Tris getting dressed. I walk over to the kitchen and set everything on the table. She walks out and gives me a peck on the cheek.


"Anything for you." I say and I wrap my arms around her waist. I pull away and we sit down and eat, as we talk about the weirdest things.

Then a Christina bursts through the door.

"Tris!they are throwing a party to thank/welcome us. We need to go shopping now!" She says, more like shouts

"But Chris!" Tris says annoyed "no buts now common, four I'm stealing your girlfriend for the morning." She says as she drags a pouting tris out of the room.

I decide I'm going to use this time to get a ring and think of what I should do when I ask her, what I should say.

I was told this compound is exactly like the one we lived at so maybe our spot at the chasm is there? Hmm maybe....

Wait! I have an idea! (A/N you will not hear of his idea til he proposes, but I swear it's gonna be cute)

I go out to the jewelry store and I look through the rings they have on display, until I find the perfect one.

It has a silver band and one black diamond in the middle and two grey ones on the side of it, then dark blue studs surround all three diamonds.i was beautiful just like her.

The lady recognized me to be involved with the freeing of the GD's and gave me the ring for free, even though they gave us enough points to start our life here.

I go back to our apartment and hide the ring.

I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna ask her tomorrow.

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