Chapter 4

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Chapter Four


I watch her run out of the room then I stare at my hands, she's alive, she's was real. I start crying tears of joy and rush back to my room to call Christina. I get there and pick up my phone and remember something Tris said
'They kinda wanna keep me dead' what happens when all her friends come and she isn't 'dead' anymore? What would they do to her if they found out she talked to me?I put done the phone and wish I had killed David when I had the chance.
I go to sleep excited to see Tris again.

I wake up and wander around waiting for it to be one, sorting what questions I will ask her when I see her.
My watch beeps, it's finally one o'clock. I first I run then I realize that they are watching her and if I get to excited they might notice so I wait five minutes and head back to the room she told me to meet her at.
She sits there on the couch, a hood covering her face. I close the door and sit next to her. She take the hood away from her face and smiles, I can't help but kiss her and she kisses me back. She pulls away and looks at me "don't you have any questions for me?" She asks "tons." I say. " I have twenty minutes ask away."she smiles as the speaks, boy did I miss her smile." Uriah's alive?" I ask not really meaning for that to me my first question but it's what comes out. " apparently these people are good at making fake bodies, they faked both our deaths." She says searching me for another question.
"Who are these people?" I ask she sighs and looks away "David and whoever else has inoculated themselves aggenst the serum before hand, they put on a show now to seem like their memory is gone." The answer doesn't shock me one bit
I think of what question I will ask next but before I can ask another she asks one " do you still love me?"she says looking fearful of the answer. I smile and press her lips to mine then I kiss her jaw then her ear and whisper "I have always and will always love you Tris, nothing can or will ever change that." She smiles and hugs me, "I love you to." She whispers
I forget all my questions and take in the moment, I wrap my arms around her waste and kiss her on the forehead, I want to kill David for taking this away from me. Her watch beeps then she kisses me and runs.
"I will get them for this." I say even though no one is around to hear me anymore.

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