Chapter 19

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Chapter 19


Marcus comes over an turns me on my back, he pulls my shirt up to my neck.
"Your little boyfriends here." He whispers " let's see if we can get him down her shall we?"
He starts smacking me with his belt on my bare back. It stings but I can't scream if I do Tobias will come down here, I cannot put him in danger.
I can't help it it hurts to bad. I scream and then I hear a pounding sound. Tobias is trying to get in.
I hear a crash and a small ray of light coming from a staircase. Tobias runs down.

"Tobias run!" I scream

"No, Tris I have to get you out."he says

"it's not safe Marcus did this on porpoise, he wants to hurt you." I start to cry

"I don't care I'm not leaving you!" He says now by my side "Tris what did he do to you?"
He stares at my bloody back. He starts to untie me as I see four other figures come down the staircase, and they are non other than Uriah, Zeke, Al, and Caleb

"Tris!" They all shout
Then I hear a snap and Tobias groans, Marcus hit him. The boys run up and punch Marcus, then we see David and run. We just leave.

I soon become dizzy "Tobias." I whisper "I love you."

And then everything goes black.


I wake up and we are in a car, I am laying on Tobias with my head in his lap. He is stroking my hair.
My back aches but I ignore the pain to turn and face him.
"Tobias." I croak

"Tris your awake." He says with relief.

I sit up as far as I can which isn't much and he leans down and we kiss for a minute.
"Hey guys could you hold off on the reunion a bit please?" Christina says I laugh and try to ignore her and lean in for another kiss.
He pulls away fast to fast. "I'd rather not kiss you while your parents are staring at us." He whispers into my ear.

My eyes widen. I turn my head and sure enough the whole car is looking at us. Including my parents.
"Where, when, huh?" I ask I figured they were alive but how did we find them.

"They were in your old house tied up, Caleb wanted one last look at it before we left forever, and we found them." Tobias says

I try to sit up so I can hug them but it hurts so bad and I let out a small scream. Tobias puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me back down into his lap
"Careful Tris your back Is banged up pretty bad." He says

I start to cry."Tris what's wrong?" He asks worriedly

"We will never get to stop running will we Tobias." I cry

"I don't know Tris, but as long as I'm with you I don't mind the running all that much." He says in a comforting tone and kisses my forehead

"I love you." He says

"I love you to." I smile

"I love you three."

I laugh "I love you four."

He kisses my nose "I love you six."

"I hate five." I say

"Me to."

Christina, Marlene, and Shaunna say "awwww." In unison
"Did you call him Tobias a minute ago, Beatrice?"my dad mumbles. My mom just smiles, but Caleb looks just as annoyed at Tobias as my dad does, oh great.

"That is his name." I respond
"Tobias Eaton?" He asks, and I nod.
He opens his mouth to say something but judging my look on his face he is going to be judging me, and him.

"I don't need your judgement." I say "I'm a big girl and been through more than you can imagine, Tobias was always there for me and always loved me so if you dare judge him I swear I will hurt you."
My dad stares at me in shock but mom mostly looks proud and Caleb's face just projects anger.

"Well..." I dad says "I can see why you chose dauntless."
I sigh

"I chose dauntless so I could be free to be myself. Be who it wanted to be, I couldn't do that in abnegation." I say "I picked up the temper in the process."

Christina, Mar, Shaunna, Lynn, Uri, Zeke, Will, and Tobias laugh a bit at what I said.

"I love you guys but you have to trust me to know what I'm doing, I know what I'm getting into, don't worry." I say
A yawn escapes my mouth . Tobias cups my face in his hand and kisses my forehead.
"Sleep, you've had a long day."
And with that I drift off into a dreamless sleep.

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