Amicable ➵ Eric Coulter by PsychicLavender
Amicable ➵ Eric Coulterby 🕷 𝒮𝒶𝓂 🕸
"Come on softie!" Eric yelled in Aurora's face. Aurora and Jackson sparred on the mat, but Aurora wouldn't hit back. Her cheeks were red and her lip was spli...
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Destruction | Tobias Eaton by greasersocs
Destruction | Tobias Eatonby greasersocs
Abigail and Tobias grew up together in the Abnegation district. They were best friends, they loved each other. They saw a future together. Until Marcus Eaton interfered.
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r o s e m a r y. ➳ ; eric coulter  by _spacewitch666
r o s e m a r y. ➳ ; eric coulter by _spacewitch666
"Even a person as cold as Eric needs someone to love." All he ever needed was someone like Rosemary to prove that. An Amity girl And a Dauntless leader. ...
  • eric
  • dauntless
  • divergent
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Break the Distance  by DivergentUnicorn46
Break the Distance by Bree
Highest rankings: #2 in tobiaseaton #4 in allegiant Tris and Four have been internet best friends for a long time. Tris lives in Alabama and Four lives in California. Th...
  • divergent
  • longdistance
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Delirium (A Divergent Fanfiction) by fanficqueen13
Delirium (A Divergent Fanfiction)by E
Amity native Olivia Maxwell makes a bold choice that will forever change her life after her aptitude test marks her as a Delirium. Being Delirium puts a target on her ba...
  • initiate
  • dauntless
  • simulations
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The Leader by destinydawn_
The Leaderby Destiny
He's a little rough around the edges, but he's not that bad. I don't care what anyone says. **Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters or ideas except for the ones...
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Emergent: Four X Reader by gemima3
Emergent: Four X Readerby gemima3
It's your Choosing Day, and you are torn: family, your interests, or the exciting, burning fire? Only one of them will lead you to him. Dive into the world of Divergent...
  • divergent
  • allegiant
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Divergent Preferences + Imagines by askthedeep
Divergent Preferences + Imaginesby gay as hell
Preferences based on the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. For now I will start with Four, Eric, Peter, Uriah and Caleb since they are the most used characters in prefe...
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Let Go. || Peter Hayes Divergent [DISCONTINUED] by LukeysIrishDimples
Let Go. || Peter Hayes Divergent [ LukeysIrishDimples
"In order to pass the simulations you need to let go." I released a heavy breath, not allowing my eyes to meet his. "Let go of what?" My voice came o...
  • insurgent
  • calebprior
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Tobias "Four" Eaton - Divergent (One Shots) by imaginesbyafangirl
Tobias "Four" Eaton - Divergent ( imaginesbyafangirl
Here I'll post Tobias/Four one shots and short stories I post on my Tumblr (
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A Wildfire Kind of Love (Divergent Fanfiction) by Invisible_Fangirl52
A Wildfire Kind of Love ( Eliza/Emily/Emmy
I know Divergent no-war stories have been done countless times, but they can never get old. In this fanfic, we will follow the lives of new Dauntless member, Beatrice Pr...
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All for You.  •Book 3• by TrisEaton4610
All for You. •Book 3•by Kat
Book Three Beatrice Prior has been through a lot, and survived a lot. As she returns to Dauntless almost a year after returning to the city of Chicago, things aren't as...
  • allegiant
  • pregnant
  • afy
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Be Brave (Tobias Eaton/OC) by bloody-inspired
Be Brave (Tobias Eaton/OC)by bloody-inspired
Tobias Eaton / OC
  • tobias
  • fanfiction
  • tobiaseaton
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Saviour by divergentlover_
Saviourby Divergentlover_
"You're my saviour." *** Tris Prior has lived in an orphanage since she was nine years old. No one knows what happened to her family because she wont talk to a...
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Indomitable ~ Peter Hayes by NeverGonnaGiveFoodUp
Indomitable ~ Peter Hayesby HangryAsHale
Indomitable - adjective - 'Impossible to subdue or defeat' I was only 14 when Tobias left. Now I'm 16 and doing the same. This is my story
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Learning to Trust   •Book 2•    by TrisEaton4610
Learning to Trust •Book 2• by Kat
Book Two Everyone's finally home and all in one piece; for the most part. Mentally, everyone needs more healing than possible; both mentally and physically. Being the mo...
  • afterallegiant
  • truth
  • trisprior
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Divergent: Music + New Identities by Taylor346
Divergent: Music + New Identitiesby Taylor346
Tris Prior is a famous singer and has stared in various movies. The most recent being 'The Fault In Our Stars'. She's been home schooled her entire life but has asked to...
  • tris
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  • highschool
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Still The One - Sequel (UNDER EDITING)(COMPLETED) by hakunamatata0723
Still The One - Sequel (UNDER Doughnuts ツ
Sequel to Looking For You Tobias and Tris are now living in Boston and starting their lives. Read as both of them step into adulthood with some bumps in the road. litera...
  • sequel
  • romance
  • trisprior
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Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric fan fiction) by wearedauntless
Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric wearedauntless
Skylar is just as innocent as her name. After choosing the most dangerous at the ceremony, she knew that she would be leaving behind her Amity mother and boyfriend to en...
  • dauntless
  • erudite
  • abnegation
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Pit  by xtrisandfourx
Pit by trisandfour64
x Second book of the Chasm series x "Pit is a negative term, a sunken hole, a state of deep emptiness. I wonder if the Dauntless embraced the name for their center...
  • trisprior
  • fourtris
  • dystopian
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