Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


I am so happy, I have been free for a whole week.And I got to spend it with my friends and Tobias. I am never going back to the Bearu again.

David and 28 others were arrested yesterday and me, and Uriah are supposed to go in to see if we recognize any of the faces, we already know that David has been sentenced for kidnaping, attempt at murder, abuse etc. the list just goes on.

Tobias goes with us and I am glad, I don't want to see David and all those other people without him. That and I just don't want him to leave my side, I can tell he feels the same.

Out of the 28 we recognized 24 that help experiment on me, provide syrums, or tourture me and Uriah.
The other four will be put under the truth syrum.
We walk by Davids cell and he starts screaming at us. I just hold Tobias arm tighter when I do, he squeezes my hand as if to tell me it will be okay, so I believe him.

When we get back they prepare a transport and we head off to Chicago, the city were it all started.

It's a 15 hour car drive so we are driving through the night, changing shifts driving so the next person can get some rest.
I fall asleep with my head on Tobias chest. And he cradles me with one of his arms, holding me close to him.

When I wake up I no longer feel his warmth aggenst me so I open my eyes. I'm in a bed now. It looks like Tobias apartment, I must have slept for the remainder of the drive.
I start rubbing my eyes and hear someone enter, it's Tobias, "I brought back some food, you hungry?" He asks
"Starved" I reply, and he hands me a bag, it has two hamburgers in it and a large amount of fries.
He walks over to the fridge and gets some ketchup and some paper plates.

After we finish eating, We lay down on his bed together.
We just stare at each other for a minute or two, but I break the silence

"I love you, Tobias." I say and I lean in to kiss his cheek.
He runs his hand up my side and rests it on my cheek "I love you to Tris." He says before he pulls his lips to mine.
After a couple of minutes I pull away.

"Do you think things will ever be the way you want them to be?" I ask him
He looks a little confused
"What do you mean Tris?" He asks

"Do you think this time will be different, that this we won't have to run, that we can just be together and be happy?"I answer his question with a question

"I really hope so." He says "I'm getting kinda tired of running."

"Me to." I say as I close my eyes and lean on his chest.
He puts his arms around me and pulls me closer, and before I know it sleep takes me.

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