Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


we walk into the cafeteria and we hear someone yell "Tori!" In a high pitched voice.
When I see the source of the voice, I realized that they found gorge and told him to come here.
I see Tori in tears as she runs up to him. "Georgie!your alive, they were telling the truth." Tori exclaims
"Why wouldn't they?what would they gain form telling you that I'm alive if I wasn't." He asks.
She just shakes her head. And they hug and cry together, a brother and sister reunited.
I realize I've been reunited with my family, but honestly I still feel Tobias is the only family I have left. And I wouldn't mind if I had to tell everyone that if I had to or if I was asked.
I grab Tobias hand and lean on his shoulder. He smiles and kisses the top of my head.

**a week later**

We start packing up the car it's a huge trailer with seats and beds in the back. We don't know were we are going but we have to get away from here.
It's stored full with food water and clothing. The Amity compound even installed a working bathroom, with a shower.
There was enough to keep us all alive for two years. And by all of us I mean
Mom, Dad, Caleb, Me, Tobias, Will, Christina, Al, Cara, Matthew, Peter, Zeke, Shaunna, Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn.
I cannot believe I will be stuck in a car for who knows how long with peter, and Caleb.
Cara said she wanted to come because we always seem to run into fun, and she wanted to be with her brother.
And it's been weird having adults around, esspessally when their eyes are on me constantly.

When we set off then driver turns out to be some sort of robot that Matthew and Cara made, so we won't have to drive. It's really weird putting life in the hands of a machine but it's not like I haven't done worse.
I mean I did put my life in the hands of Jeannine.

"Alright who wants to do truth or dare?" Uriah asks.
We all just shrug and sit in a circle.
"Alright, Caleb truth or dare?" Uriah asks.

He is basically scared of all my friends so I'm not shocked by his answer. "T-truth." He stutters
"If you had to date anyone in this car, who would it be?" Uriah asks
Caleb thinks for a minute "I don't know really, um, probably Cara." He says and then Cara blushed, no she can't like my brother, oh my gosh maybe she does!

"Number boy, truth or dare?" Caleb asks. Oh no here we go.

"Dare" Tobias says

"I dare you to play seven minutes with...." He thinks for a minute "Marlene."
Marlene sits straight up and her eyes grow wide. I tense up a little bit.
But with out hesitation he takes off his shirt and leans down and passionately kisses me.

"No PDA" Uriah shouts. We pull away and I stick my tongue out at Uriah.

"Zeke, truth or dare." Tobias asks


"Wait I have a dare for everyone okay?" He asks
We all nod.
"I dare all of you to go to sleep cause I am tired." I laugh and agree.

Me and Tobias beds are right beside each other, but we pressed them together earlier. The other couples did the same.
Tobias sits down in bed, his back facing me as he plays with his pillow. I go up behind him and slip my hand under his shirt and trace the tattoo on his back with my fingers.
My hands fall around his waist and he puts his hands over mine.

"I wish we were alone." He says

"I almost always wish that." I say and he turns around to face me.
We lay down in bed and pull the covers over ourselves. He wraps his arm around me protecting me.
I look into his beautiful blue eyes that make me melt.i touch our fore heads together.

"I love you." I whisper. And before he can respond I pull my lips onto his.
After a minute or two he pulls away.
"I love you too." He whispers

I put my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat until sleep pulls me in.

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