Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


I wake up and Tris is in my arms, she is already away and staring at me, I smile.
I missed her so much, I should've known she wasn't dead.
I pull her closer to me and hold her tight, she is finally safe.
Once they arrest David and whoever else did this to her, we can go back to Chicago and live our lives.
Or at least I hope that's the case.

"I love you" she mumbles into my chest, I realize we are both shirtless from the game last nigh. She doesn't seem to care, maybe she isn't scared anymore? I don't know but I won't push it.
"I love you to." I say into her hair.
We stay like this until we fall asleep again.


I hear an annoyingly loud bull horn right infront of me and Tris.
Me and her sit straight up. "Wakey Wakey love birds." Uriah says as he holds the bull horn over our heads.
Me and Tris shoot him death glares, he starts to run.
He doesn't get very far, Tris is fast, and so am I. When we caught him I hung him by the shirt and placed it over a hook.
The whole apartment starts laughing uncontrollably as we watch him struggle around trying to get down.

When we calm down I see Al staring at shirtless Tris, much like he did last night during the game, so I shoot him a death glare and me and Tris go put on our shirts.

Uriah hung there for half an hour until he was smart enough to take off his shirt."
He's not all that bright.
Uriah picks up his shirt off the hook and goes and tackles Marlene for laughing at him.
Things are slowly going back to normal, I am so glad for this.

We don't know what to do with our time, no one wants to explore this place for two reasons 1, we might get terribly lost. 2, because it the looks like the Bearu and that place has traumatizing memory's for all of us.

So we sit around and talk most of the day, we played would you rather, and it was ridiculous the stuff we came up with.
By the time lunch came around Marlene had made some chocolate cake, it tasted a lot like dauntless cake but it wasn't quite as good.

We all sit in silence for a while occasionally whisper to the person next to us.
"Truth or dare, anyone? The silence is killing me." Christina suggests
We really don't have much choice but to play cause we are pulled into the game by Christina asked Tris "truth or dare?" Tris thinks about this for a minute.
"Dare." She says finally
"I dare you to kiss the cutest boy in the room, even if it's not four."Christina says

Tris nods and then leans over and kisses me. Christina stares at her for a minute
"You gotta admit he's pretty cute." Tris says, I smile a bit when she does.

"That's your opinion, to me he's just plain scary." Christina says.
"I was never scared of him." Tris says leaning agenst my chest "I don't know why you guys keep calling him scary."

"Cause he's terrifying." Al says
I smile "I'm glad you feel that way Al, maybe you be scared of me enough to stop staring at tris, like you have been all day." I say
The whole room laughs and Al Blushes and looks a bit angry, Tris is in laughter to.
So soon I join in and the only one not laughing is Al.

We finally calm down "ok Zeke truth or dare?" Tris says
"Dare." He says
"I dare you to let Shaunna give you a head to toe makeover." Tris says
Shaunna rubs her hand ps together in excitement
"Head to toe?" Zeke says

"Head to toe." tris replays
Zeke just sighs as he's being pulled into one of the three bathrooms by Shaunna who by the way can now walk with braces.
They come out fifteen minutes later
We all burst into laughter, Zeke has a bunch of blue eyeshadow on and his eyeliner is curled up like a wing
He has nail polish and a big bow in his hair.
We all laugh for ten minutes.
"Alright Trissy my turn." Zeke says but he doesn't call her name, he calls mine
"Four, truth or Dare?"
What do I want to to?
"No ones picked truth yet so I might as well." I say
He taps his index finger to his chin a couple of times, to imply that he is thinking.
"What is Tris real name?"he asks finally
I don't know what to do, does Tris want me to tell them. I look down at her almost to ask her if it's okay but Zeke speaks up
"No asking her permission you choice weather or not to tell us."

"It's not my secret to tell", I say as I pull off my sweat shirt. Me and tris figured we eventually end up playing this game so we both put on sweat shirts.

It was my turn, who to ask? Then I know who I want to ask
"Uriah, truth or dare."I ask
"Dare." He responds, I think of something for him to do.
"Drinking contest with Marlene, and if you lose you have to lick the toilet." I say Marlene nods and so does Uriah they get up and go get shot glasses.
Zeke fills them up and Tris keeps score.
Marlene was up to 10 and Uriah was at 7 we are all cheering for Marlene cause we want to see Uriah lick the toilet.

Uriah runs to the bathroom and throws up, Marlene wins 15 to 12
When he finishes his puking and catches his breath he licks the toilet, we all laugh but as soon as he's finished he comes up and kisses Marlene, this just makes up laugh harder.
"Four." Uriah says "truth or dare?"
"Dare." I say expecting something horrible for what I just did to him.
But instead he actually does something I won't completely hate
" I dare you to play seven minutes with tris" he says

I drag her into her room and she jumps up in my arms and starts kissing me.
After what I'm guessing is seven minutes
Uriah yells "times up!" And we get out of the bead and tris puts back on the sweat shirt that I took off her and we walk out of the room hand in hand.

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