Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


Tobias asked me out to diner tonight, but wouldn't tell me where. Christina is forcing me to get ready at her place, and after a large argument she will be doing my makeup and hair and I get to choose what I wear.
I get to her door and knock. Three seconds later she opens the door with an evil smile on her face.

"We are gonna make you irresistible for that date of yours!" She shouts and literally pulls me into her apartment.

"Now go get dressed." She says gesturing to the bathroom.

I put on a sleeveless baby blue top that goes down to a bit passed my butt and it hugs my sides. Then I slip on my black skinny jeans and my black flats. And to top it off I put on a cropped leather jacket.
When I walk out Christina shrieks "ok it might not be a dress but you still look hot!" She says "now let's make you even prettier, if that is even possible."

The next hour and a half consists of a curling iron and a thousands different brushes and things coming towards my face.
When she is done I look in the mirror, I am actually pretty.

"I thought you were going for noticeable." I say and we laugh.

I have an hour left so I am gonna get a new tattoo.
Me and Chris head to the parlor and I see what I want to get.
I get a fourth raven, but this one if farther down hovering over my heart. There is a small un filled heart around the raven and beneath it it says Forever.

"Awwww it's so cute!" Christina squeals "now common let's go back to my apartment and wait for number boy to pick you up."
She then, literally drags me back to her room. What is it with this girl and dragging?
We sit around during the half an our we still have left, Chris yells at me a couple times for touching my face.

Then finally I hear a knock at the door, I get up to answer it but Chris tramples me and runs toward the door.

"Hey Chris, can Tris come out" he asks

"I'm here" I say as I walk up beside Christina
"And beautiful as always." He says as he hands me a black rose.
We head to dinner with his hands covering my eyes.
"You know how they said that this compound is exactly like ours?" He asks and I nod.
He moves his hands away from my face and I almost tear up.
"It's our spot," I say and he nods, he takes my hand as we cross the rocks. When our rock comes into view I see a blanket on it with food.

We sit, talk, eat, and kiss for like an hour or so, then he asks me if I want to take a walk. I don't object.
We end up in the training room.
"Wanna relive the past?" He asks and I know what he is thinking, so I just go stand infront of the target like I did in initiation. He has a huge grin on his face, I wonder what his planing.
He throws the first knife, and it lands about 6 inches to my right. He throws the next knife and it is right above my head.
The last knife, he throws it and I fell my ear stinging but that's not what I pay attention to. When the knife hit the board I heard an unusual clank noise.
I turn around to see what it was and there is something hanging on the tip of the knife. I pull the knife out and the object falls into my hand.

It's a ring.

I turn around to look at Tobias and he is on one knee.

"Beatrice, I love you and I never want to be apart from you, I have been before and I was miserable. Will you marry me?" He asks

I am crying tears of joy, I nod and run up and kiss him.

"I love you." I say

"I love you to"

The ring is beautiful, he takes it from me and slips it on my finger.
Maybe this time we will get a real life.

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