Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


Even though David has escaped, the last couple off weeks have been fairly calm.
I am so glad to be back with Tobias, but ever since David got out I have had a hard time sleeping at night.

Tobias won't let me sleep anywhere but with him, and for that I am grateful I don't think I could sleep at all if he wasn't there wrapping his arms around me to protect me from the world.

I went to bed early that night hopping to get more sleep than I usually do.
It doesn't work very well


I am strapped to a chair and there is a table beside me full of various syrums and David comes up to me with an evil grin on his face.

He picks up the purple syrum, the death syrum. I feel a little lightheaded after he injects me but it soon fades.

"How do you do it?" He asks sternly

"I don't know." I say plainly even though I do know, it's my will power, my urge to live on because I know I am not done in this world.

"If you won't tell me then fine have it your way!" He says in a shout.

A light comes on in the distance under it is Tobias, he starts to get beaten and bleeds so much.

"No!Tobias, Leave him alone!" I scream and before I know it he is lifeless, and lays limp on the floor.

I start to sob. "you killed him!" I scream over and over again.


"Tris!Tris!wake up!" Tobias says while he shakes me

I open my eyes and I feel tears running down my cheeks "y-you d-died and it a-all my falt." I say
"I didn't die Tris I am right here, I'm okay." He says and pulls me in closer to him and strokes my hair.

"How did you do it?" I ask my voice muffled by his shirt "how did you find the will to live on when you thought I died?"

"I have to tell you it wasn't easy, I even tried to erase you from my memory but Christina stopped me." He says

I nod "I'll have to thank her later" I say and he laughs a bit and nods
I look at at him and lean up for a kiss, he puts his hand on the back of my head to keep me there. His other hand finds the small of my waist and pulls me closer to him so that there is no space separating us.

I pull away
"You always know exactly what to do to make me feel better." I say
He smiles "it's a gift"

He hugs me tight "sleep, I will fight off the nightmares."

I withhold a laugh, I remember when he said this when were at Amity.

"With what?" I ask even though I know exactly what he is going to say

"My bare hands obviously." He says and I laugh under my breath. Sleep soon pulls me in.


I wake and Tobias isn't next to me, which is weird cause he always waits for me to wake up.
Then I realize I'm not even in our bed,were am I? Is this another dream?

I see a figure coming towards me, at first I don't recognize it but it soon comes into the light.
The figure was Marcus...

"Hello Beatrice, sleep well?" He says

"Were am I?" I ask

"That doesn't matter, what matters is that I get what I want."

He wants Tobias, no I won't let him go near him again!

"And I get what I want." Says a familiar voice, one that's to familiar, one that haunts my dreams.

Wants me, and Marcus wants Tobias, they can use me to get to Tobias.and there little deal is done. no, I'm not going back to being tested on and beaten up for fun. I won't let Tobias think I'm dead again.
I won't let this happen.


Sorry for the short chapter, I didn't have much time to finish it before I went to the dentists.

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