Chapter 16

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Chapter Sixteen


Me and Tris were asleep in bed when the phone rang, when I answered it I got worried.
They told me that somehow David escaped the prison, nobody knows how not even his inmates...
He will come after us, we ruined his life. But to be fair he ruined ours first, and we led innocent lives or at least as innocent as they could be considering our pasts, but he, he just tortured Tris.
He deserved what was coming for him, but we don't deserve to live in fear everyday.
I clench my fists with anger. More running, will we ever just get to settle down and live our lives?

After I snap out of my thoughts I wake Tris
"What." She whispers as she rubs her eyes. I don't want to tell her but I have to, we may be safe here for a little bit, but not for long. And he will be after our friends to.

"I have some bad news." I say trying to hide the anger in my voice.

"What a excellent reason to wake me then." She replies "what's wrong?"

I just shake my head and sit back down next to her "David escaped." I whisper

Her eyes grow wide, as they become a little glassy. I know she is thinking about what he did to her, what he did to us.

I can tell she is trying to fight the tears, but she is unsuccessful. I pull her close to me and hug her.
I stroke her hair as she cries into my shirt. I lean my head down to her ear
"I won't let you go again, I won't let him hurt you again. Ever. I promise." I whisper into her ear

She just nods and leans to kiss me, I wrap my fingers around her neck and kiss her back.
After a minute or two she pulls away, the touches out foreheads together and looks into my eyes.
"I love you Tobias." She says as another tear falls down her cheek, I wipe it away "I love you to Beatrice." I don't know why I used her real name, it just comes out. I expect her to get mad at first but instead she just kisses me again.


The next morning we are both still alive to that either means that David hasn't found us yet, or he is planing something.
We are going to tell our friends today about David escaping and all, we really don't care much about the cameras because David is a fugitive and I highly doubt that he would have access the the cameras in the city.

When they all arrive at my apartment, I lock the door.

"The last time you did this you told us Tris was alive." Christina says looking at me "what more could you have to tell us?"

"David escaped jail." Tris says "sound important enough?" I can tell she annoyed at what Christina said because she is basically freaking out about this.

Everyone in the room looks at her now, except Al I am glad I scared him but I never said he couldn't ever look at her. Oh well this is way better than him staring at her very chance he gets.

After their done with being in shock they start to argue about what to do, we eventually decide to stay here until danger strikes. We will have getaway cars ready with first aid kits, food, water, etc.

After they all leave I see Tris is pacing back and forth I start to walk up to her, but she stops right in front of me and looks up into my eyes. When she does that I feel like I'm gonna melt but she looks like she has something important to say so I just get past that feeling.

"Where is Marcus?" She blurts out. She knows I would care less, so if she asked he must be somehow involved.
I shrug "no one knows."I say "why?"

She sighs and starts pacing again. "I heard a familiar voice while I was there." She starts "one that made me shiver at the sound, I swear it was his but I could just be over thinking this all."

Marcus was there?it must have been him, he just has one of the voices you never forget.
I just sigh and shake my head, why can't we just be happy and together without all the danger for once?

I walk over to her and stop her from pacing and pull her into my embrace.
They won't take her away from me again, I won't allow it.
But what I fear the most is that they don't want her, they want revenge.

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