Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


I wake up and tris is not beside me, I got to look in the bathroom but she isn't there either. After I search the whole apartment I start to freak out.
She didn't leave a note, she hasn't left my side since we found her so why wouldn't she leave a note or wake me up if she was going somewhere?
Maybe she just went to get breakfast, but I had to be sure so I head out to the cafeteria.

I see our whole group at a table, everyone except tris. I run up to them completely out of breath, but I manage to say ""

"She isn't with you?" Christina asks and I shake my head.
The table shares worried looks and I know exactly what their thinking.


Me and Zeke rush down to the control room, while the others search around the compound.

"Look for the camera closest to your door and rewind to the last time you saw Tris."
Zeke tells me
I nod and so just so, I set it for 3:30 that's when she woke up from her dream, it was also the last time I saw her.
We fast forward about an hour, then I see a figure walking into my apartment.

"Someone took tris..." I say my voice shaking.
We zoom and camera when the figure walks out holding Tris.
We see his face.the figure was Marcus.

"No!" I scream "Why do you always have to hurt me!?"
Zeke looks at me in utter confusion. I sigh he deserves to know why this man wanted tris in the first place.

"He is my dad." I say, Zekes mouth drops "He beat me when I was a child, I'm pretty sure he hates me but I really don't know why."

"Dude." He starts "I'm sorry."

He starts to look at me like I'm the kicked puppy, ugh just what I wanted to avoid.

"Look at me like that again and I will kill you." I say

"Ok..sorry man."

"Whatever lets just figure out were he took Tris." I say annoyed

We search the video and followed Marcus until he reached his destination,
Abnegation. Of corse were else would he go? The only house he would go into was his old one.
"I know exactly were to find Tris." I say
Zeke nods, then we go find the rest of the gang. I will not let Tris hurt again, I can't and I won't.


We are on the train and all I can think about is Tris. I really hope he didn't hurt her, and if he did I will kill him.
Christina is freaking out thinking of the last time Tris wasn't with us, Will is doing his best to comfort her but it isn't working very well.

It's an hour train ride to abnegation, the waiting was killing me. I needed to save her, I couldn't let her go again.
If I do I wouldn't be able to live on, she is my life, the reason of my existence.
I have to find her.

The train slows "finally" I say as I jump out
I run to my old house not even checking to see if everyone if following me. I kick the door in and search the entire house.
Then I hear a blood curdling scream coming from the basement. Tris
I can't open the door it's locked. I start to try pushing the door down.

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