58 : The Kim's & Jimin

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Christmas Eve.

I called Chaeyoung to help me look pretty, but she told me that she's going to be busy in the morning since she has to help her mom prepare the foods that they'll be eating tonight. Before, I go to their house, so I can celebrate with them because I was living alone. Good thing they didn't hesitate to help me even though I'm not part of their family. Chaeyoung is actually the reason why I celebrate with them every year. I have to thank her, so I decided to buy her a present.

I also asked Eunwoo, but he also said that he's going to be busy as well. I wanted to ask Doyeon for some company, but that would be awkward because we're not really that close. And I guess she'll be busy as well.

I guess if Hansol is here, he would cancel all of his appointments for today, so he can help me look pretty for later.

I had asked my three older brothers if they can go with me, but Joon oppa told me that he'd love to, but he has commitments to prioritize. Jin oppa told me that he's going to the company during the morning because grandpa has something to discuss with him. And Tae oppa...I don't know where he is, tho. I asked him over the phone, but he said that he's busy.

And so, I don't have anyone to be with me. I just want to look pretty for later because I'll be meeting Jimin. I want to look beautiful infront of his eyes. 

"Dahyun-ah," I looked at dad who called out my name so suddenly. He's not wearing his usual business corporate attire. He's wearing millenial clothes which made me chuckle. "What's funny?"

"Nothing, appa. You just look so cute wearing millenial clothes." I laughed at him and he reddened because of embarrassment. I think he's getting shy because I keep on laughing.

"You don't have anything to do for today, right?" I shook my head sideways. "Stand up. We'll go out."

"Go out?" He smiled and nodded. I got excited all of a sudden, so I hugged him and told him that I'll just wear nicer clothes. He waited at the living room while waiting for me to finish my own business.

After finishing everything, he led me to his car and drove us to the mall to hang out. I don't exactly know why he just asked me to go, but I think this is a good idea for the both of us to bond.


"Dad," I called him. I picked out two dresses and asked him which one is better. "Which one do you think fits me well?"

"Oh, dear, both of the dresses fit you well. I can't choose." I pouted and then he chuckled playfully. "You're just like your mom. Both of you can't decide which is which to wear."

"Dad," I paused and placed the dresses back to its rack. I searched for other dresses. "Can you tell me about my mom?" I barely know something about her. I usually hear that she's just a mistress, that I'm an illegitimate child, that I don't deserved to be loved because of what happened. When I was a kid, I used to cry a lot because I was teased a lot. I was bullied a lot.

"She's the sweetest, most pure and beautiful woman that I have met in my entire life. I loved her a lot, but I was arranged to your brothers' mom and I can't do anything." He explained and closed the magazine that he was reading. So dad decided to have a family with the woman that he loves the most? He loves mom so much. "But things didn't go the way I wanted it to be. She died after giving birth to you and Jin Hee died as well because of an accident."  I felt how lonely dad is. He's really sad for losing both of his wives. I glanced at him and noticed that some of his tears are flowing already, so I took my handkerchief and handed it to him. He gladly took it and wiped his tears. "Let's get your hair fixed. You must look pretty infront of Jimin later." He stood up and told the saleslady to buy everything that will look good on me. "We'll be back after finishing her hair." The saleslady nodded and dad dragged me out of the shop. We went to a parlor and had my hair dye removed.

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