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Eunwoo and Hansol are annoying me, no offence, tho. They are fighting over me and it annoys me so much. When Eunwoo is pulling me towards him, Hansol steals me back. It feels like I'm the rope of their game called, tug of war.

"Dahyun, try this snack." Hansol handed me his hotdog. I smiled awkwardly and took a bite.

"Thank you." I told him with a full mouth, literally.

"Drink this soda." Eunwoo then handed me a bottle of soju. I smiled and swallowed the food first before drinking the soda.

"This is a Chinese dumpling. Try this." Hansol fed me with the dumpling and I thanked him again for the food. They repeated what they did until they are both fighting. Hansol tried feeding me a snack, but Eunwoo insisted on giving me a choco pie.

"Dahyun, this is much better than a choco pie."

"No, Dahyun, this is your favorite, remember?"

"Dahyun, this is--"

"No, Dahyun. Choco pie--"



"Stop it, will you?!" I cut them and stood up. I sighed in frustation. "I lost my appetite, okay? And I am going home--"

They both stood up, "Let me get you home." They said in unison.

"No. I will go home on my own." I told them with my serious voice. I went to Eunwoo's bedroom to get my clothes and to change. After changing, I didn't bother looking at them. I'm just getting much more annoyed if I will.


"Ssh." I sushed Eunwoo and exited his unit.


When I got home, Jin oppa and Joon oppa immediately ran towards me and cupped my face. They asked me different questions. They even tried contacting the police, but I told them not to.

"I'm with Eunwoo and Hansol." I answered them. They looked at each other and then to me. Jin oppa crossed his arms, obviously waiting for an explanation for me, while Joon oppa placed his hands on his waist, probably waiting for an explanation as well. "After the gunshot incident, he took me to his place and we watched movies."

"Why didn't he bring you here?" Joon oppa asked. "Why did you go home alone?"

"I was annoyed by them, so I told them not to follow me." I sighed and looked at them. "Are you guys upset?"

"No, we totally understand you." They smiled and hugged me. "Go upstairs and rest instead." Jin oppa said and I went upstairs.



It's Monday.

Yesterday, I was discharged from the hospital and it feels so good to be back. My family and Mina are helping me, though it's just been days after my gunshot.

My parents are still investigating who did that thing to me. They wanted to close down the school, but I told them not to. There are too many students with dreams that goes there and it will break their heart if the school will be closed. I pity them.

"Ah," Mina fed me with tteokbeokki and I ate it smilingly. "Swallow it properly, baby."

"I can eat, okay?" I chuckled and she just shook her head while grinning widely. Her face will be ripped off in no time if she keeps on grinning. "My turn to feed you, my baby." She giggled. I took some of the beef and fed it to her. I immediately grabbed a table napkin to wipe the sauce off of her lips, though I can totally remove it using my own lips. #ByuntaeJimin

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