59 : Taehyung, Tzuyu & Jimin

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Taehyung opened the refridgerator to get a pitcher of water since he's getting thirsty. He took a glass and poured the water. He then drank it in one shot as if he's drinking soju. He stared at somewhere and sighed.

It's still Sana's birthday because it's just 11:50 PM. He is wondering what could she be doing. He's not yet greeting her because he doesn't want to be that attached anymore. The love of his life is getting married and he can't be a third party. He must stop feeling whatever he's feeling right now or else his situation will get even worse.

"Maybe you're sleeping with him." He mumbled to the air as if he's talking to Sana; as if she's infront of him. His heart is sinking just by thinking that Sana sleeps with Jungkook every night. He honestly can't find the possibility of loving two men at the same time. How can Sana do that? Is she a god to do so? She's not. How is that possible anyway?

He placed the pitcher back to the refridgerator and took the soju instead. He brought it to his room's terrace and there he drank it by himself as he thinks of her. He fished his phone from his sweatpants and reviewed his conversation with Sana before.

Taehyung: Sana-ssi ♡

Sana: Yes, baby?

Taehyung: Let's go out and see a movie :)

Sana: I can't :(

Taehyung: Why? TT

Sana: I have schoolworks :(

Taehyung: I'll come over and help you

Sana: That's so sweet of you ♡

Taehyung: omw. see you in a few 😚

Sana: thanks, baby 😚❤

He smirked and continued scrolling their past conversations. He didn't even notice that he's already silently crying while drinking his soju. You really are hard to forget. He said inside his mind, imagining that he's telling it to Sana.

He then went to his gallery and saw their old photos. He stopped at Sana's portrait and caressed her cheeks using his finger softly. "Happy birthday. Have a good life with Jungkook." That was his wish for her before the 29th of December ends.

He looked at the time and noticed that it's already 12:12 AM. It's his birthday already. His day ended without greeting Sana a happy birthday personally. It's enough for him to greet her without letting her hear it.

He went back to his bed and placed the empty soju bottle on the carpeted floor. He laid down and sighed before going to sleep.


The next day, Taehyung woke up because of Dahyun. He opened one of his eyes and asked what does she want. Dahyun shyly smiled and told him that he has a visitor.


She shrugged her shoulders, "Forgot what her name is." Her? A girl? His sister excused herself and fled while he's still stuck on his bed, thinking who is that visitor. He sat down on his bed and held his aching head. He drank two bottles of soju last night and he's still having a hangover.

"Argh," he groaned and rubbed his bare and cold hands against his face. He got out from his bed and went to his shower room to wash up and brush his teeth.


"Tae oppa must be having a hangover." Dahyun told Tzuyu, Taehyung's visitor and sat beside her. "I saw two empty bottles of soju on the floor."

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